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Don’t need to paniiiiiiiiic…I know your feeliiiiiiiiin’

Posted by on 03/31/2010 | Category : Electro Funk / Rap - Funk

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Yes! Start a fresh day with a dynamic & classic tune :
FREESTYLE ITS AUTOMATIC electrofunk masterpiece Dont need to paniiiiiiiiic...I know your feeliiiiiiiiin  electro funk electro rap blog

FREESTYLE It’s Automatic

…Produced by the Hit-maker of the band :

Taken from the “It’s Automatic” 12″ released on Music Specialists – 1986

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DARKBEAT Moovie : an electro voyage

Posted by on 03/29/2010 | Category : Documentaries - Archives

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darkbeat 500x336 DARKBEAT Moovie : an electro voyage music art documentaries blog
“They don’t like it because they don’t hear it” SCAPE ONE

DARKBEAT is THE documentary about the history of electro culture like we love. “The film expands on the past, present and future uses of technology and its influence that have defined sounds of groundbreaking acts and future generations of producers”
The documentary is produced by an expert called IRIS B. CEGARRA of Moloko Pussycat Factory & 3GZ productions. I want to highlight this because the women are better than men to make a clear & dynamic summarization. The film is not too technical, not only for the purists, just available to everyone and good to convert new listeners…


Director : IRIS B. CEGARRA // Motions and Artwork : AS1
// Film Released in 2006 // Time : 60 min
Featured : a lot of underground artists from Finland, France, Belgium, Holand, Spain, UK, US …

More on the 3GZ website

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High Level fashion show

Posted by on 03/26/2010 | Category : // Visual Art

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This epic showreel is going to pass through the time which It’s actually a quite rare when you think about fashion, it’s mostly ephemeral :
« GARETH PUGH Autumn/Winter 2009 »
Showreel video by RUTH HOGBEN & designs by GARETH PUGH
UK 2009

Here’s some selected pieces from the 2007 collection :
gareth pugh 2007 fashion 500x357 High Level fashion show visual art blog

More on the GARETH PUGH wikipedia & RUTH HOGBEN website



Posted by on 03/25/2010 | Category : Electro

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A Journey into the Nebula SAPCEY Tune by DAGOBERT electro blog
GLOBAL SURVEYOR PHASE 3 cover DOMINANCE ELECTRICITY electro compilation idm ambient electro bass spacey electronic underground SAPCEY Tune by DAGOBERT electro blog  DAGOBERTFly 2 Night

Taken from the great “GLOBAL SURVEYOR : PHASE 3″ compilation released on Dominance Records – 2009


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Lookout week-end Part 2

Posted by on 03/19/2010 | Category : Electropop - Synthpop

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Okay B-girlz, the sun is back. To start a fresh week-end, we suggest to listen this one :

BLONIDE RAPTURE electro disco electro rap cover classic vinyl hit Lookout week end Part 2 synthpop electropop blog
(US Chart N°1 – 1981)

Taken from the Rapture 7″ released on Chrysalis Record – 1981

Check the full LOOKOUT WEEKEND series >>

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