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New release on PYRAMID TRANSMISSIONS : « Alternative Networks Vol.2 » 12″

Posted by on 04/30/2010 | Category : Album-EP Reviews

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After a couple of years without an official vinyl release, the PYRAMID TRANSMISSIONS label is back with a new project entitled ‘Alternative Networks Vol.2‘ composed by some finest IDM producers such as ADJ, PATHIC, FTG (a newest signature) , and 214 aka TWO FOURTEEN. Recommended!



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Some Lights in the dark…

Posted by on 04/29/2010 | Category : // Visual Art

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LUZINTERRUPTUS is an artist from Barcelona who does light interventions

Literatura versus tráfico 2010
By LUZINTERRUPTUS – Intervention in a street of New York
“This is 800 books, each with a light attached, with the intention of replacing
traffic with literature.”

Jardín vertical envasado 2010
By LUZINTERRUPTUS – Intervention in a street of Barcelona
A criticism of the lack of green spaces in modern cities. Leaves are trapped in plastic containers


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Lookout week-end Part 4

Posted by on 04/25/2010 | Category : Electro Funk / Rap - Funk

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Back in the Days with an UFO from planet Electro Funk
NEWCLEUS - Computer Age - Electro Ffunk NEWCLEUSComputer Age [Push the button]

NEWCLEUS - JAM ON REVENGE-vinyl - Cover - Sunnyview Records - Electro Funk

Taken from the epic Jam On Revenge album on Sunnyview Records – 1984

Check the full LOOKOUT WEEKEND series >>

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Graffiti – Writing Focus Part 02 : TOTEM [Atlanta]

Posted by on 04/19/2010 | Category : // Visual Art

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Based on Atlanta,TOTEM is the worldwide high level of writing. Passioned by car design, he paints 3-D graffiti with real & dynamic letters. He has a hard technique, very clean like a computor. His environment is cold, dark, wild and mechanic near the codes of the Cyber Punk culture. However, he’s still bombing more Hip-hop & classic letters [2-D] with his legend band from New York : The TATS CREW.

It’s very hard to select some artworks, all his walls are amazing…I decided to show you only his famous 3-D robotic style called The ” Mechanical battle serif ” :

Produced only with aerosol bombs! USA – 2008 – 2010

More on TOTEM Website


CHECK the full WRITING FOCUS series >>

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