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MOODYMANN « 9 Nites 2 Nowhere » Video Clip

Posted by on 04/20/2012 | Category : Funktronica

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Fresh video clip by the craziest music producer from Detroit :
back to bionic MOODYMANN KENNETH DIXON JR 9 NITES 2 NOWHERE detroit house video clip picture this scion av MOODYMANN « 9 Nites 2 Nowhere » Video Clip MOODYMANN [aka KENNETH DIXON JR / Urban Tribe]
9 Nites 2 Nowhere

Taken from the new dope MOODYMANN’s album entitled “Picture this” released two weeks ago on Scion A/V – 2012

Download for FREE on the SCION A/V website

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CLASSIC FOOD at Clarence G’s club

Posted by on 04/14/2012 | Category : Electro Funk / Rap - Funk

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This is what JAMES STINSON produced in solo before to create L.A.M & the DREXCIYA project, dope isn’t it? :
back to bionic CLARENCE CLARENCE GS CLUB Hyperspace Sound Lab electrorap electro hiphop detroit pioneer CLASSIC FOOD at Clarence Gs club
CLARENCE [RIP]Clarence G’s Club

Taken from the great “Hyperspace Sound Lab” 12″ released on Flourescent Forest Rec. – 1991

Check the full CLASSIC FOOD series >>

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DJ BONE in full Effect

Posted by on 04/12/2012 | Category : Detroit Techno

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Let him take the control of your mind…even if you don’t he’ll :
back to bionic DJ BONE Detroit Tehcno producer DJ BONE in full Effect DJ BONEWe Control the Beat

back to bionic SUBJECT DETROIT label electro techno house DJ BONE DJ BONE in full Effect

Taken from the great “Subjugation” 12″ released on Subject Detroit – 2008

More on the DJ BONE website

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313 = 7

Posted by on 04/10/2012 | Category : Machine Funk - Future Funk

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…Timeless production from the underground techno masters SCAN 7…
back to bionic SCAN7 RESURFACED unit seven lou Robinson Tresor Detroit techno 313 7 UR underground techno 313 = 7
SCAN 7Unit seven
back to bionic TRESOR Berlin Techno label 313 = 7

Taken from the awesome “Resurfaced” album released on Tresor – 1999

More on the SCAN 7 website

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DUB Perfection Part_01

Posted by on 04/05/2012 | Category : Variety of Dub sounds

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The 1st installment of a new category of post focused on hyptnotic DUB techno
back to bionic DUB PERFECTION dub blog dub techno music DUB Perfection Part 01 SHINSUKE MATSUMOTO [Tokyo]Inside

Taken from the amazing SHINSUKE MATSUMOTO’s debut album entitled “Lantern” released on [AN] AY – 2011

More on the AN AY website


CHECK the full DUB PERFECTION series >>

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