New release on MONKEYTOWN RECORD : LAZER SWORD « Memory » album

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LAZER SWORD MEMORY MONKEYTOWN 50WEAPONS LANDO KAL LOW LIMIT post dubstep electronic jit retro future New release on MONKEYTOWN RECORD : LAZER SWORD « Memory » album  music reviews blog

LAZER SWORDPoint of Return

The futuristic Duo LAZER SWORD has just released their second album entitled “Memory” on MonkeyTown Records, the sub-label of 50 Weapons. In this one, LAZER SWORD switches again their kind of production exploring the music style by style in a free continuous way. Indeed, they started with a debut album mixing Hip-Hop, Dubstep & Electro and then LOW LIMIT & LANDO KAL released a couple of EP oriented Glitch, Post-Dubsteb, Bass music, Jack House,…to finally released the “Memory” album mixing Electronic, Post-Dubstep & Jit (Ghetto bass). This new amazing project is actually an U.F.O floating between Hype & Undergound and should talk to open minds. The title “Memory” isn’t an accident. Actually is pretty honest because if you put this album under a microscope you will find many appreciated references to the Post-Future music …from the past & the present.
LAZER SWORD MEMORY cover album post dubstep electronic jit MONKEYTOWN 50WEAPONS New release on MONKEYTOWN RECORD : LAZER SWORD « Memory » album  music reviews blog
First of all, the cover reminds CYBOTRON : ‘Clear’ the one with the guy crossing the wall of time. About the music here’s some influences : the great Hi-Tek & sophisticated sounds featuring along the album remind the Detroit vibes related to URBAN TRIBE; the mix of sweet vocals with the cold & accelerated sounds was already developed by producers like DJ RASHAD, MACHINEDRUM (and URBAN TRIBE too); the production control on bass & on the echo near to the post-dubstep sounds are a bit similar to INSTRA:MENTAL. However at the end it isn’t a copy, LAZER SWORD really success to create his own specific signature during this new experience.
Their vibes are fresh, mental, sexy, hybrid and very well produced (as their usual). About the featurings, it isn’t be a surprise to to see JIMMY EDGAR & MACHINEDRUM who are musically close to LAZER SWORD and producing also in the legacy of early Electro. The entire album is very solid & smartly thought to be enjoyed on the dancefloor and also at home. As so far, it’s easily the best electronic album of 2012 . Hotly Recommended!



[Release Date 04-27-12 – 2xLP – CD – Digital Album]


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