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New release on MILITANT SCIENCE : SCAPE ONE « Stellar Remnants » Album

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MILITANT SCIENCE is a digital label accustomed to release a lot of underground E.P including just two tracks. Against all ods, the UK label makes a good exception with the first release of a full album. This album called “Stellar Remnants” is signed by one of the best uk producer SCAPE ONE and features 10 electro tracks. On this project, SCAPE ONE is clearly more melodic & groovy than his latest release. Recommended for the electro heads.

SCAPE ONEStellar Remnants

[Release 12-28-2010 – Digital]

More on the MILITANT SCIENCE website

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New release on LOGARITMICA : « VISIONES » Compilation

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Una autra compilación que viene de la resistencia de la música electrónica.

“VISIONES” is a free and underground compilation featuring 36 tracks packed in two sides : A “Electro Visiones” & B “Techno Visiones”. This project has been released in November 2010 on a mexican label called LOGARITMICA managed by the producer G13CK [Anti Zero]. If you love the dark side of electroTechno close to DETROIT’s productions, you will be really enthusiastic by this great project.

J.SHAW – feat APHANTRYCyborg Ninja

G13CKEl Ultimo Recuerdo



FREE DOWNLOAD : Link Expired

More on the LOGARITMICA webpage

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New release on TRANSIENT FORCE : « Repent » Album by GALAXIAN

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A couple of weeks ago on the hot TRANSIENT FORCE label, GALAXIAN [UK] has released his heavy & illest album entitled “REPENT”. This album features 9 UFO electronic tunes. Beyond the boring expermiental electro and the remakes of classic electro bass, “REPENT” represents an other level of electro/techno music coming from the parallel universe where GALAXIAN is flying. Each tunes are well produced without loose the raw aspect of beat, strange isn’t?…Brillant! The sound is unique, trippy, broken and against odds it’s pretty groovy! Due to his original level of music production, GALAXIAN had to present his official apologies to the aliens and now it’s done with the release of the “REPENT” album.

Some tracks to highlight my words :

GALAXIANWet Level Clip


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FLECK ESC – New Release Coming soon on Ghost Technology

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The power of music is to start as an unknown producer and to be highlighted by a good label as much as you deserve .
Franck Collin aka FLECK E.S.C is a french producer based in Tokyo who will be bringing forth a nine track album packed with electro goodness with splashes of electronica and down tempo atmospheres. The “BRUXIA” album will be released on the Croatia based label GHOST TECHNOLOGY in 01-01-11 to start the new year right.

FLECK E.S.C In-Charge

[Release date 01-01-2012 – Digital]


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DMX KREW has launched a new label named FRESH UP Records [along with releases on 7″ ]

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FRESH UP Records - Electro funk - Synthpop - Disco - Vinyl label by DMX KREW aka EDMX

Few months ago, the London based producer EDMX also knows as DMX KREW has started a new label called FRESH UP Records, specialising in 7″ vinyl releases consisting of Library Funk, Moog Disco and all kinds of vintage-sounding funk. « Do It All Nite / Worm Hole » is currently the 3rd imprint from this factory. With this record, the funky DMX KREW’s touch will make you an happy groover :


[Release Date : 11-29-2010 – 7″ & Digital]

More about this release on the FRESH UP Website

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