Favorites ELECTRO Tracks of 2010

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This post is focused only on few memorable Electro Bass tracks produced in 2010. [However in my mind, i have got also many tracks of IDM, Future Garage, Trip Hop, Glitch, Ambient, Hip Hop, Gehtto bass, Grime, Dubstep…]
Nothing official, This is a simply subjective track list that gives me some good times this year… Hope you will like it, Have a good trip :

1 AS1The Lost Forever
Taken from the ” Code Reference ” album on Solar One Music

Taken from the ” At Night ” E.P on Le Galassie Di Seyfert

Taken from the ” Synthetic Cells ” E.P on NewFlesh Records

4 ADJHarvest
[Taken from the ” Hand of Mysteries ” album on Outside Recordings]

5 SCAPE ONEGlobal Surveyor Remix
Taken from the ” Global Surveyor – Remixes ” Compilation on Dominance Records

Taken from the “Submersible Machines” 12″ on Lunar Disko Records

7 BORIS DIVIDERLast Resistance
Taken from the ” Last Resistance ” 12″ on Drivecom

8 HADAMARDOne Track Mind
Taken from the ” Love Songs ” Album on Transient Force

9 R21Atomic Break Down
Taken from the ” One Nation Under Bass Vol 2 ” E.P on Devine Disorder Records

10 KOMARKEN ELECTRONICSBreed for Perfection
Taken from the ” Breed for Perfection ” E.P” on Bandcamp

& 11 to 30 :

11 PATHICChin Up [” Alternative Networks Vol.2 ” 12″on Pyramid Transmissions]
12 BORIS DIVIDERNeuronal Locator [” Ultralink ” 12″ on Semantica Records]
13 214LAMENT [Unreleased]
14 AS1Empty Because of You[” Code Reference ” album on Solar One Music]
15 MANDROIDNew Order (V.2) [” Antigravity Machines ” Album on F.B.I Records]
16 DEMPHASISGalaxy of Chaos [” Synthetic Cells ” E.P on NewFlesh Records]
17 CX KIDTRONIK Let’s hit the beach Remix [On Stones Throw]
18 GALAXIANAutorun [” Repent ” album on Transient Force]
19 R21Minimum [” Advanced Funk Vol.1 ” Compilation on Binalog Productions]
20 ALIENSEXTOYShut Down [” Enterin Nebula Zero ” E.P on Militant Science]
21 SYNC 24We rock non stop [” We rock non stop ” 12″ on Cultivated Electronics ]
22 DARK VEKTORGlobal Surveyor Remix [” Global Surveyor – Remixes “]
23 HADAMARDBadman [” Love Songs ” Album on Transient Force]
24 LEKTROIDParametric Shift [” Advanced Funk ” Comp. on Binalog Productions]
25 UKV – Ghost [Unreleased]
26 MODEL 500 OFI [” OFI / Huesca ” 12″ on R&S Records]
27 BEAT CRUSH CREW Breakin my Head [Unreleased]
28 THE EXALTICS Journey to Jupiter [” The Freefall ” Album on Solar One Music]
29 ALIENSEXTOYKeep Ur Slime 2 Suck [” Enterin Nebula Zero ” E.P]
30 JAUZAS THE SHININGStange Particule [” Depent ” Album on Transient F.]
List made on the moment focused on the music released between February 1st & December 15th

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