New ROBERT HOOD Album « Motor : Nighttime World 3 » on Music Man Records

Posted by on 09/20/2012 | Category : Album-EP Reviews

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back to bionic ROBERT HOOD Motor Nighttime World 3 album vinyl Music Man Records detroit techno minimal electro dub acid techno New ROBERT HOOD Album  « Motor :  Nighttime World 3 » on Music Man Records ROBERT HOODMotor City

ROBERT HOOD has just released the 3rd installment of Nighttime World Series on the Belgium imprint : Music Man Records. This album comes 12 years after the 2nd volume (on P-Lant – 2000) and 17 years after the 1st volume (on Cheap – 1995) therefore the Detroit-based master ROBERT HOOD has already passed through 3 decades of Minimal Techno production. « Motor : Nighttime World 3 » is a deep project connected to the previous via its straight touch related to the 1st and via its fine groove related to the 2nd. But this album has got also its own strong musical identity (more Acid than the others) and above all its own story. Indeed, about this post-dystopia album ROBERT HOOD has announced that he has been stimulated especially by the chaotic report of the JULIEN TEMPLE’s documentary entitled “Requiem For Detroit?” which is focused on the damage caused by industrialization of Detroit city. As everyone probably knows, at their beginning in 90′s UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE (founded by MIKE BANKS, JEFF MILLS & ROBERT HOOD) have been very influenced by the committed philosophy from the Hip-Hop band PUBLIC ENEMY however despite the fact that MILLS & HOOD are still involved in/with Detroit, according to me, these 2 emancipated soldiers of UR look finally more related to the motto of an other rapper named…RAKIM : “the most important thing isn’t where you’re come from, but where you go”. That remains the real point of Art. Therefore ROBERT HOOD’s production don’t lock the audience up in the Detroit’s darkness but take you somewhere in the future where you will be able to reach a kind of hope.
As his usual, ROBERT HOOD produces his music with a real sincerity, the tracks are solid and the most part deserves easily to be mentioned as masterpieces. This album should speak to any kind of music lovers, even those who aren’t familiar with electronic, indeed this producer has the serious talent to keep a such deep musicality in his no non-sense & raw productions. It’s very fascinating to see & to listen a pioneer from the renowned 92′ Techno period who successes to maintain a such quality of music in 2012! Therefore thumb up, this installment is obviously the best release of this end of summer and also a new awesome piece to add to the timeless series. Highly Recommended!

ROBERT HOODHate Transmissions


[Release Date 09-17-12 - 3X12" - CD & Digital]


More on the MUSIC MAN RECORDS Website


1984 – 1 =

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back to bionic sattelites over the electric city sci fi electronic music 1984   1 =


Taken from « The Source » 2×12″ released on Drivecom – 2012

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Brain_Damage Part.14

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Don’t need to be commented, this conceptual video clip entitled « Morality Is A Handicap » speaks for itself :
[To change quality push the option button located just after time count and select 'HD']
back to bionic DEATH ABYSS morality is a handicap video clip industrial TECHNO drone Brain Damage Part.14
DEATH ABYSS [UK]Morality Is A Handicap

Taken from the creepy “Destroy The Mundane” E.P released last week on Rodz-Konez – 2012

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FAT Track by SCAN 7

Posted by on 09/13/2012 | Category : Electronica Ambient IDM

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back to bionic DETROIT UNDERGROUND TECHNO SCAN 7 Mental Reaction Ep vinyl remix ANNIE HALL 2012 detroit madrid FAT Track by SCAN 7

Hell yeah, SCAN 7 aka TRACKMASTER LOU is back on production, his new pure Techno track entitled « Mental Reaction » has just been released on vinyl via Detroit Underground™ Label. Here’s the video clip of the great IDM remix produced by ANNIE HALL. From Detroit to Madrid SCAN 7 [Detroit]Mental Reaction – Remixed by : ANNIE HALL [Madrid]

Original Version :

back to bionic SCAN 7 Mental Reaction Ep vinyl SCAN SEVEN TRAMASTER LOU DETROIT UNDERGROUND Techno Annie Hall 2012 FAT Track by SCAN 7

Taken from the excellent “Mental Reaction” 12″ [including also a third track entitled ' Noise Tension '] released last week on Detroit Underground™ – 2012

More on the DETROIT UNDERGROUND™ Website



Posted by on 09/12/2012 | Category : Electro Dub - Dub

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back to bionic SATELLITE EARTH STATION Dub electro blog FLY Track by ALIENSEXTOY


Taken from the “ProletArt” E.P released two weeks ago on Antizer0 – 2012

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