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MILLSART - Humana - ep  - vinyl -Techno - Axis Label -  JEFF MILLS - Gamma Player MILLSARTGamma Player

JEFF MILLS - Dj and Producer - UR - TRESOR - AXIS - Detroit - Chicago - TECHNO

Taken from the classic « Humana » 12″ released on Axis – 1995

More on the AXIS website

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Over the Earth

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satellites around planet earth under control - space junk
DOPPLEREFFEKT - Fascist State - Vinyl - Dataphysix Engineering - electro musicDOPPLEREFFEKTSatellites

Taken from the masterpiece « Fascist State » vinyl released on Dataphysix Engineering – 1995

…Oh my god is full of stars satellites

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…Back in 90’s with a great documentary to re-watch :

Director : DOMINIQUE DELUZE [FR] – Production : Les Films à Lou – La Sept/ARTE
// Film Released in 1995 // Time : 60 min
Featuring : a lot of underground producers & pioneers from Berlin, Detroit, London, … : KRAFTWERK – JUAN ATKINS – DERRICK MAY – KEVIN SAUNDERSON – BLAKE BLAXTER – MAD MIKE – SVEN VATH – LFO – AUTECHRE…

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CLASSIC FOOD is Timeless…

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The epic Drum’n’Bass METALHEADZ catalogue is for many different music lovers arranged in a specific place on the vinyl shelf & in a brain cell.
It’s easy to me to remember the 1st time i had the chance to discover this label. I was painting a wall, and the sound was totally appropriated for the vaporous mood coming from the colored aerosols particles. (Only after i understood the producer & co-runner of METALHEADZ named GOLDIE is also the GOLDIE from the early UK graffiti scene…). I guess each fan of this imprint are able to remember what was he doing when he was listening and how it changes his vision on the music.

GOLDIEA Sense Of Rage (Sensual V.I.P. Mix)

Taken from the masterpiece entitled “Timeless“, 2 x12” released on Metalheadz – FFRR – 1995

Check the full CLASSIC FOOD series >>

More on the METALHEADZ website

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