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Posted by on 10/14/2014 | Category : Machine Funk - Future Funk

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THX 1138 - Digital admission - dystopia GALAXIAN [UK]Forget about it
2014 – Unreleased

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A CLOCKWORK ORANGE - Record store scene - Kubrick GOSUBLaugh Track

GOSUB - Watchers From The Black Universe album - Citinite - Electro Funk - Miami Bass

Taken from the great « Watchers From The Black Universe » album released on Citinite – 2007

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No Longer Registered

Posted by on 06/04/2014 | Category : Machine Funk - Future Funk

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Break your TV
GALXIANNo Longer Registered

 STRANGE TALES FROM THE FUTURE compilation Vol. 2 - Solar One Music - 2009

Taken from the « Strange Tales From The Future Vol. 2 » compilation on Solar One Music – 2009

Listen his recent inteview & live set on BASS AGENDA RADIO SHOW

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New release on MEHAИIKA Records : TAU SAGITTARII « Sensory Data » Album

Posted by on 07/19/2012 | Category : Album-EP Reviews

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The UK electro pioneer SCAPE ONE has just released a new album entitled « Sensory Data » under his alias TAU SAGITTARII (It’s the original name of a star in the southern zodiac constellation of Sagittarius). This brand new identity represents his minimalist ambient production related to astronomy. Therefore if like us you was checking on every SCAPE ONE’s releases his great down tempo & spacey tunes, here is the project you are attending for. SCAPE ONE has token the leap with an entire album and the results is as expected. Very addictive!
The experimental «Sensory Data» album can be approached in 2 ways, you can re-build a story based on the titles & on the dreamlike sounds; the script would be an advanced humans’ trip in the heart of galaxy. However you can get this project in more abstract way and just let your mind float. The entire atmospheric track listing is really solid, and the time could acclaim this project as an underground masterpiece in its purist approach. We have to mention also it’s always a pleasure to listen SCAPE ONE behind a synthesizer. At the same occasion, this lovely album is a good introduction of the new Croatia based label MEHAИIKA run by HRVOJE [the half of UKV]. Hotly Recommended!

TAU SAGITTARII Sensory Data – Preview Album

[Release Date 07-04-12 – Digital]


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