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…Ich bin meine Maschine

Posted by on 09/30/2014 | Category : Electropop - Synthpop

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LOVE MACHINES - Biorobotic - Android- Dystopia - TechNoir- Blade Runner - 1982 ATOM ™ [GE]Ich bin meine Maschine BOYS NOISE Remix

ATOM - ich bin meine maschine boys noise - remix - Electro Pop

Taken from the « Ich Bin Meine Maschine – Remixed » 12″ released on Raster-Noton – 2014

More on the RASTER-NOTON website

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Posted by on 09/03/2014 | Category : Post-Industrial Techno

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DAVID MEISER [ES]Machines are Alive
[Video Clip by THE 29THNOV FILMS]

DAVID MEISER - Machines are alive  -North Gate Vol 1- Compilation vinyl - Techno - Subspecies Label

Taken from the great « The North Gate Vol 1 » compilation released a couple of days ago on Subspecies label – 2014

More on the SUBSPECIES website

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Accelerated Funk !

Posted by on 04/27/2014 | Category : Machine Funk - Future Funk

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BIONIC CRISIS - Back To Bionic - Electro blog DJ ASSAULT [313]Accelerated Funk

DJ ASSAULT - JEFFERSON AVE. - The Accelerated Funk - album - Ghetto Tek - 2001.

Taken from the classic « Jefferson Ave. (The Accelerated Funk) » mixed-album released on Intuit-Solar – 2001

More on the DJ ASSAULT website

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Elektro Kardiogramm…

Posted by on 06/30/2012 | Category : Electro

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Today it’s the launch of the 99th TOUR DE FRANCE, a good reason to re-listen this

KRAFTWERK [Germany]Elektro Kardiogramm

Taken from the “Tour de France Soundtracks” album released on Kling Klang – 2003

More on the KRAFTWERK website

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