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DUB Perfection Part_2

Posted by on 03/12/2013 | Category : Variety of Dub sounds

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MODEL 500 - Starlight - METROPLEX - Vinyl - Dub Techno MODEL 500 [313]Starlight
METROPLEX - Label - Detroit Techno.

Taken from the “Starlight” 12″ released on Metroplex – 1995

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New Release on R&S RECORDS : MODEL 500 [aka JUAN ATKINS] « Control » EP

Posted by on 03/07/2012 | Category : Album-EP Reviews

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After the success of his come back last year on R&S RECORDS, MODEL 500 continues the epic collaboration with the label by releasing in solo a new vinyl entitled « Control / The Messenger ». At first listen, it can feel a bit weird, less ‘catchy’ or sexy than the last EP (OFI/Huesca) but this one is finally more close to the madness of early MODEL 500 releases (to not say the early electronic music for which MODEL 500 aka Mr JUAN ATKINS represents a large contribution as everyone knows). So “Control / The Messenger” is a specific & moody project where JUAN ATKINS success to drop his famous hypnotic & addictive touch. Recommended!

MODEL 500Control

[Release Date 02-21-12 – 12″ & Digital]


More on the R&S RECORDS website

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Posted by on 01/20/2012 | Category : Detroit Techno

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Every time i listen the epic “Aqua Team II” album, I have got a new favorite track, today it’s «Serotonin» :

DJ STINGRAY - AQUA TEAM 2 - vinyl - WeMe Records - Detroit Techno - Accelerated Techno  -Hi-Tech

Taken from the Masterpiece” Aqua Team II” album released on WéMé Records – 2008

More on the WEME website

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New Release on TRANSIENT FORCE : MAGIKBITUM « Cockpit Viewscreen » Album

Posted by on 08/17/2011 | Category : Album-EP Reviews

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The Belgium based producer MAGIKBITUM has just released his debut length album on TRANSIENT FORCE. This project is not a boring compilation of tracks but rather a real album written like a SCI-FI movie script with a beginning and a mysterious end. The synopsis could be introduced like this : you are invited to lift off from a planet in order to lead an enigmatic mission, the trip is pretty peaceful but suddenly an error system happens disturbing the control of the starship and provoking a pure dose of stress (to not say of bass)… The “Cockpit Viewscreen” features 12 tracks including 1 remix by Micro.Control.Unit and also 2 skits which change the processus of the mission as well as the mood of the music. By this way, MAGIKBITUM explores the characteristics of different type of electronic music (ambient, electro, electro bass) to play with our feelings. So, If you are ready to fail into the void of space, close your eyes and let’s play this great album, may be you will see also some aliens…

MAGIKBITUMCockpit Viewscreen AlbumPreview

[Release Date 08-03-11 – Digital]


More on the TRANSIENT FORCE Website

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Dark Perfection Part_8

Posted by on 03/25/2011 | Category : Electro Bass / Breaks - EBM

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MICRO.CONTROL.UNIT Systematik – 2011

Taken from the “Systematik” E.P released yesterday on the Battery Park Studio. More on the MICRO.CONTROL.UNIT page

CHECK the full DARK PERFECTION series >>

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