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Brain_Damage Part.14

Posted by on 09/15/2012 | Category : Post-Industrial Techno

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Don’t need to be commented, this conceptual video clip entitled « Morality Is A Handicap » speaks for itself :
[To change quality push the option button located just after time count and select ‘HD’]

DEATH ABYSS [UK]Morality Is A Handicap

Taken from the creepy “Destroy The Mundane” E.P released last week on Rodz-Konez – 2012

More on the RODZ-KONEZ Website


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New release on NAPALM ENNEMA RECORDS : GALAXIAN « Vanguard » EP

Posted by on 09/08/2011 | Category : Album-EP Reviews

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GALAXIANDosing the population (Clip)

The craziest producer GALAXIAN is back for our pure pleasure with a new E.P entiled ‘Vanguard’ released this summer during the UK riots… The Glasgow based producer is quite underrated however he’s probably the most unique artist of this new decade from the straight electro scene. Forget all the classic ageing sound patterns and forget also his latest great releases; GALAXIAN is still searching to explore some new depth electronic dimensions never discovered before as much as possible. The 4 tracks of this E.P released on NAPALM ENNEMA RECORDS are committed, noisy, dystopian, destructured and of course trippy. The production isn’t too cleaned in order to keep the dynamic of the roughly brainstorm. The GALAXIAN force is still to made his own shit according to his own rebel thoughts with no compromise, …none compromise! With the “Vanguard” E.P he follows the “desintegration of the social fabric” that he started for his debut album. To get this side, a submersion into his live sets are recommended because that’s the best place where his sounds make perfect sense.

The GALAXIAN’s original signature will probably make him the underground electronic producer that you will easily remind in the next years between all the “empty” producers cloning the pioneers… Please give all your attention to the “Vanguard” E.P and all the upcoming releases of this talented producer. Highly Recommended!

and now a break with “CHIC-A-GO-GO” Show starring… :

GALAXIANShow of force
Official Video Clip taken from « Vanguard » E.P

[Release Date 07-18-11 – Digital]


More here or on the GALAXIAN website

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Graffiti – Writing Focus Part 08 : SLAGONE [Russia]

Posted by on 04/26/2011 | Category : // Visual Art

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Russia native SLAGONE is a talented graffiti artist who has an up-to-date vision of painting. Although, he has all the bases required to follow the rules of graffiti writing, he seems to be like a smart kiddo who need to not listen the teacher and to go over the edge. Thus, SLAGONE designs some disturb environments inspired by the urban loneliness where the geometry threats the human thinkings… Welcome in the brain damage of SLAGONE:

Walls & Artworks by SLAGONE – AES crew – Russia [2010 – 2011]

More on the SLAGONE StreetFiles page


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Brain_Damage Part.12

Posted by on 03/20/2011 | Category : Electro Bass / Breaks - EBM

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visitor-alien-robot-sci-fi ROBODRUMStraight From The Future

ELEKTROPUNKZ - Polska electo label

Taken from “The Robots Riot: Poltron Invaders” compilation released on Elektropunkz – 2011

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Brain_Damage Part.10

Posted by on 02/03/2011 | Category : Electro Bass / Breaks - EBM

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JACKAL & HYDE - Seek Destroy - Electro Breaks - Miami Bass JACKAL & HYDE Seek And Destroy The DJ MONK vs. The TRACK MACK Remix

JACKAL & HYDE - Electro Break - Miami Bass
Taken from the “Seek & Destroy (The Remixes)” 12″ relesead on Hallucination – 2001

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