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Over the Earth

Posted by on 01/25/2014 | Category : Detroit Techno

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satellites around planet earth under control - space junk
DOPPLEREFFEKT - Fascist State - Vinyl - Dataphysix Engineering - electro musicDOPPLEREFFEKTSatellites

Taken from the masterpiece « Fascist State » vinyl released on Dataphysix Engineering – 1995

…Oh my god is full of stars satellites

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DOPPLEREFFEKT in full effect

Posted by on 01/03/2014 | Category : Electro Bass / Breaks - EBM

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DOPPLEREFFEKT - Tetrahymena - EP - WeMe Records - Dark Electro - Drexciya DOPPLEREFFEKTTetrahymena

Taken from the great « Tetrahymena » E.P released on Leisure System – 2013

More on the DREXCIYA RESEARCH LAB website

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Posted by on 11/22/2011 | Category : Cold Wave - Dark Electro

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Obviously for DOPPLEREFFEKT the classic pattern of LIVE set isn’t their favorite part of music. The mysterious band (and his leader) prefer staying in the dark than to be under the lights of stage. Anyway, every time they prouced themself, it’s an epic moment for electoheads. On this interesting live set recording during the “NEUTRINO performance”, GERALD DONALD was in his more familiar situation along with some scientists and visual artists. The result is in the continuity of his works and pretty well inspired by the context of this gig with a spacey conclusion… Enjoy :

DOPPLEREFFEKT  – Performance : NEUTRINO project at AND Festival – Liverpool : 09-30-2011
20 min – Electro Ambient

Mission NEUTRINO is a project designed to combine the transfer of astrophysical knowledge with audio-visual creations into a combined scientific and artistic expression. Its aim is to immerse the observer sonically, visually and intellectually in the physics of the Universe.

NEUTRINO is Dopplereffekt, Albert van Abbe (visual artist), Zazralt Magic (scientist) & Katarina Markovic (scientist).

More on the DREXCIYA LAB RESEARCH website or the FUTURITY Soundcloud

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Posted by on 05/18/2011 | Category : Cold Wave - Dark Electro

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« Watchin’ u on the screen… »

New & Hot category of post focus on some music producers who have one track mind … SEX !

The Second masterpiece of that series :

Taken from the classic “Gesamtkunstwerk” album released on International Deejay Gigolo Records – 1999

Check the full X-RATED series >>



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