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VETRIX : « Molecular [des]Integration » New Video Clip

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VETRIXMolecular (des)Integration[Filmmaker : FINBAR MALLON – 2010]

Taken from the “Next Phaser” EP released on Pyramid Transmissions – 2009


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Mix Collector : JUAN ATKINS

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JUAN ATKINS in the mix - Model 500 - Cybotron

A Classic techno live by the pioneer : Magic JUAN ATKINS [Cybotron – Model 500] from Detroit of course. He doesn’t need an introduction just press the “PLAY” button, and have a good time :

JUAN ATKINS – Live At Ark Leeds- 15-05-1993 Via
[64 min]

More on the JUAN ATKINS Website

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Brain_Damage Part.04

Posted by on 06/02/2010 | Category : Electro Bass / Breaks - EBM / Stay informed by subscribing to RSS Feeds or to Twitter

1. You walk to Target … 2. You wait in line ….3. You slowly buy the bread …and 4. You spread the Jam!

FRONT 242 [BE]Headhunter – Remixed by EXZAKT (Vicennial Mix)
This Miami Electro Bass ‘Remix‘ was Unofficially Released in 2008

The original was released for the 1st time on the album “Front by Front” on Red Rhino Europe in 1988, this is the occasion to re-watch the clip of this smart EBM band :

CHECK the full BRAIN_DAMAGE series >>

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WRITERS – 20 ans de Graff à Paris

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WRITERS is the documentary about the history of graffiti in PARIS during 1983 to 2003. It’s like a frenchy STYLE WARS with a focus on the oldschool and also on the newschool activists. This summary of 20 years is very interesting to understand the evolution of the movement : the happiness of the discovery to a hardcore battle. Inspired by New York, connected with England and Germany, PARIS is known to have created the basement of 90’s European style. Like a Bible, this documentary explains the classic legacy of graffiti. The documentary is written by a disciple with a non-objective point of view however he has really honored the lovers of letters and that’s the most important. If it’s always necessary to start a culture by respecting the foundation…later it’s better to commit a sin : to break the rules and write the future! But Sometimes it’s good to trust again in the utopia of the purist version :

Watch or Re-watch on youtube [Part1] :
On this version, there is no translate, but don’t worry the pictures speak for the activists [Excepted BANDO who is better writer than thinker…]

Director : OREL [GT] // Animations : LOKISS // Speaker : VINCENT CASSEL // Produced by RESITANCE FILMS – 2 GOOD // Film Released in 2004 // Time : 90 min
Featured : a lot of graffiti writers, purists, oldtimers, vandals, activists, rappers, lovers, thinkers, haters…


More on the RESITANCE FILMS website

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To Be true ?

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« Stay Poor Stay True »