DMX KREW has launched a new label named FRESH UP Records [along with releases on 7″ ]

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FRESH UP Records - Electro funk - Synthpop - Disco - Vinyl label by DMX KREW aka EDMX

Few months ago, the London based producer EDMX also knows as DMX KREW has started a new label called FRESH UP Records, specialising in 7″ vinyl releases consisting of Library Funk, Moog Disco and all kinds of vintage-sounding funk. « Do It All Nite / Worm Hole » is currently the 3rd imprint from this factory. With this record, the funky DMX KREW’s touch will make you an happy groover :


[Release Date : 11-29-2010 – 7″ & Digital]

More about this release on the FRESH UP Website


Can I Get A Ride?

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can i get a ride? 313 BASS MECHANICSCan I Get A Ride !? [EDMX Mix]

313 BASS MECHANICS - Ghetto booty - ep - vinyl - Ghetto Bass - BREAKIN RECORDS

Taken from the “Ghetto Booty” 1é” released on Breakin’ Records – 2002

More on the BREAKIN’ website


Back to the future with MICHAEL KNIGHT

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“Knight Ryder” is a pure electro track taken from the EP of the same title released on Devon Records (a secret subsidiary label of Breakin’ Records) in 1998 and produced by MICHAEL KNIGHT. MICHAEL KNIGHT is indeed an alias of the legendary electro producer DMX Krew also known as EDMX, ED DMX or COMPUTOR ROCKERS who runs one of my favorite electro label Breakin’ Records.


Taken from the « Knight Ryder » 12” released on Devon Records – 1998

Inspired of course by the theme song of the TV show K-2000 produced by STU PHILLIPS (to refresh memories here)

More on the DMX KREW website