New LEGOWELT album « The Paranormal Soul » on CLONE RECORDS

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The Netherlands-based producer LEGOWELT has just released his new album entitled « The Paranormal Soul » on the sub of CLONE Records : Clone Jack For Daze. Involved in music since the end of 90s, LEGOWELT has always been watching by a part of the audience as a pure underground genius however also as a too-repetitive producer by another part and ignored by the last part… Despite his undeniable musical talent, he’s never succeed to do a real gathering on one of his project (excepted may be via his EP « Pimpshifter »). However this new material is going to change that. On the «The Paranormal Soul» album, the immersion is easy & lively according to a production more catchy but always so solid. Therefore that way could seduce a more large audience and highlights the LEGOWELT’s unique signature as powerful one. The entire track list is really good and at the opposite of its time you won’t have to zap any track (…it also hard to choose or to extract just one tune as the favorite). The atmosphere is deeply inspiring & inspired. Some sounds will remind you like a specific souvenir without be able to put a name of an artist on it but rather a style or a period; so we find back some reminiscences from old House, New-Age, Synth Wave, Rave, Acid and all the components of electronic music. A really enjoyable combo! Don’t pass through the best LEGOWELT’s album, « The Paranormal Soul » is definitely a masterpiece and will mark this year and more.
Hotly Recommended!

LEGOWELTThe Paranormal Soul – Preview

[Release 11/12/12 – 2X12″ – CD]


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X-Rrated - LEGOWELT - Total Pussy Control - dirty electro
LEGOWELTTotal Pussy Control
LEGOWELT - PIMPSHIFTER - cover - ep - Bunker Records - electronic music  -bass
Taken from his great E.P entitled “Pimpshifterz” released on Bunker Records (3000 series) – 2000

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LEGOWELT Homestudio

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This is not the most sexiest part of music however it’s well in a studio where some ideas become a tune. Many music lovers would like to enter into the studios of their favorite producers to know how they produce, on which machines,…
On this video, the Netherlands based electro producer LEGOWELT presents his home studio with his great synthetizor collection :

Eclectic Cooking with LEGOWELT“. A nice video concept produced by the Dutch weblog

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LEGOWELT -  Fundamental Superstition - House music - Crystal cult 2080 album - House - Electro LEGOWELTFundamental Superstition

LEGOWELT - Crystal Cult 2080 - album - Creme Organization label - Electronic - House - Techno - Holland - Den Hagg

Taken from the magicpiece entitled « Crystal Cult 2080 » album released on Crème Organization – 2014

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Have you already done your morning work out? …Here’s a chance to redeem yourself

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LEGOWELT [Den Haag]Driving Through an Amiga Forest
[Footage taken from a Stretching TV show]

LEGOWELT - Amiga Railroad Adventures - Strange LIfe records - 2009 - ambient electro house

Taken from the « Amiga Railroad Adventures » album released on Strange Life Records – 2009

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