An astronaut floating above the subway

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Need to be seen in real, this wall comes as a menacing surprise when you are in the elevated subway of Berlin…

« Astronaut Cosmonaut »
painted by by the oldtimer ASH [FR] – in Berlin 2007 – Germany

Edited February 13 : At first, we thought it was by BANSKY, sorry

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    The Accountant

    Dude. Thats not Banksy, thats Victor Ash. Saw that one a couple of months ago, looks even cooler at night when the shadow of the nearby flagpole lays exactly where the cosmonauts hand is. Oh yeah, it called cosmonaut..

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    Thanks mate, i’m going to fix this post! Don’t know why some guys told me it was Bansky… Awesome, ASH is one of the most creative pioneer from France, often underrated btw. Damned, I haven’t got the chance to see this masterpiece by night

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