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WRITERS – 20 ans de Graff à Paris

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WRITERS is the documentary about the history of graffiti in PARIS during 1983 to 2003. It’s like a frenchy STYLE WARS with a focus on the oldschool and also on the newschool activists. This summary of 20 years is very interesting to understand the evolution of the movement : the happiness of the discovery to a hardcore battle. Inspired by New York, connected with England and Germany, PARIS is known to have created the basement of 90’s European style. Like a Bible, this documentary explains the classic legacy of graffiti. The documentary is written by a disciple with a non-objective point of view however he has really honored the lovers of letters and that’s the most important. If it’s always necessary to start a culture by respecting the foundation…later it’s better to commit a sin : to break the rules and write the future! But Sometimes it’s good to trust again in the utopia of the purist version :

Watch or Re-watch on youtube [Part1] :
On this version, there is no translate, but don’t worry the pictures speak for the activists [Excepted BANDO who is better writer than thinker…]

Director : OREL [GT] // Animations : LOKISS // Speaker : VINCENT CASSEL // Produced by RESITANCE FILMS – 2 GOOD // Film Released in 2004 // Time : 90 min
Featured : a lot of graffiti writers, purists, oldtimers, vandals, activists, rappers, lovers, thinkers, haters…


More on the RESITANCE FILMS website

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To Be true ?

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« Stay Poor Stay True »


FAT Track by UKV

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UKVNumber 2009

Taken from the “Random Number Generator” released Ghost Technology – 2009

More on the GHOSTTECHNOLOGY website

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Mix Collector : DAVE CLARKE

Posted by on 05/26/2010 | Category : Ghettotech - Ghetto House / Stay informed by subscribing to RSS Feeds or to Twitter

During the 97’s Eurodance event, DAVE CLARKE produced a classic dj set. Many types of music are represented in this mix : Booty bass, Techno bass, Electro bass…all that in oreder to make you dance! What I really love in this DJ, it’s his introductions that always strarting with a heavy track. He’s banging without preliminary : 2000km/h flowing to the moon

« Dave Clarke is good for you… » :

DAVE CLARKEDj set At Eurodance 97 – 04.10.1997
[59min] [via TechnoPodcast]

More on DAVE CLARKE website
Check the full MIX COLLECTOR series >>

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