Dr, I have bad dreams about Tetris blocks ?

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For me, LIFE is like the psychological TETRIS game, it’s just about eliminate some chronics problems. In order to win you need timely the good item… If you don’t have the one, you can makeshift as it’s possible. In few time, you enter to a viscious circle more stressful than funny. In hopes of winning, we reapt the same mistakes and don’t known when the/your battery will be off!
When you discorved this tick game, did you remember to see tetrominoes blocks and playing in your dreams? How many lines did you made? Was it more than in “reality”?
…Don’t lie geek, we know you heard the 8-bit music also in your nightmares!

Classics examples from shell-shocked :

Video Clip by SERGEJ HEIN [UK]
The Politics are fantasizing on it! A game version is here (..so be back to the blog). More ion the SERGEJ HEIN Website : Here

Taken from the GAME OVER Project by GUILLAUME REYMOND [Fr]
More 8bit video clips from this project : Here

Still Dreaming about tetrominoes?
Here’s more serious explanations about

Still Flopping?
Here’s more funny explanations about

Now do you want to play again?

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