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New release on SHAMELESS TOADY

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ROBERT COSMIC [Madrid] has just released a new E.P entitled “RARE OBJECTS” on SHAMELESS TOADY. This E.P features two dope electro tracks. For peoples who don’t know SHAMELESS TOADY, it’s a new electro record label launched by PIP WILLIAMS [UK]. Looking for the great quality, this new laboratory is focus on every kind of electronic music. Currently, the label has released two projects and we already appreciate their open-minded approach.


More on SHAMELESS TOADY website

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Latest Releases on NEWFLESH RECORDS

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Everytime, I listen the music from UMWELT, it makes me think of an hypothetical soundtrack for a new “MAD MAX” film… The sound is dark and committed with no hope in the future world but keep movin’ like Max.
These days, if the bass is like the petrol…UMWELT is never short! So a couple day ago, Freddy J a.k.a UMWELT has released a new E.P entitled “Diary Of The Inhuman Species” on NewFlesh Records.

UMWELTEnd of Universe Preview – 2010

At the same time, on the NEW FLESH LAB (The Sub-label focus on ambient & dark music), JAUZAS THE SHINING releases a new vinyl titled “Bad Cave / Insomnie”.

More on the NEWFLESH RECORDS Website

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New release on MILITANT SICENCE : « Enterin Nebula Zero » EP by ALI3NS3XTOY

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ALIENSEXTOY has released a new E.P entitled “Enterin Nebula Zero” on the PAUL BLACKFORD’s label : Militant Science. This project is his 3rd E.P from this laboratory and it features 5 tracks of pure electro to put the pressure on humanity. Aliens approve it!

ALI3NS3XTOY [Antizer0 Crew]In Decline

More on the ALIENSEXTOY page

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JAUZAS THE SHINING – Latest releases

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Thanks to his talent and to the chance, JAUZAS is involved in many projects released the last weeks on the finest dark electro labels :

« DEPENDENT » is the 2nd project of the french producer JAUZAS THE SHINING on the TRANSIENT FORCE label. This new digital album is a special and great journey between electronica, experimental, ambient & techno music. For those who don’t know, this album features also a smart remix by JAUZAS of TRISOMIE 21 who are a cult new-wave band from the North of France. It isn’t easy to describe the magic JAUZAS THE SHINING signature, there is a lot of strange feelings… So listen it to make your own judgement :

JAUZAS THE SHINING has made a self-remix of his tune « PARTICULE » taken from the « Dependent » album. This remix has just been released via NEWFLESH RECORDS on a split-vinyl with the producer & runner of the label : UMWELT. It’s actually his second imprint for this label too. His debut Ep was the « Strange Satellite » in March of this year.
Here’s the brand new :



Additionaly, JAUZAS THE SHINING featuring also on two other projects :
– One track remixed by CROTAPHYTUS on the « SOM 3 » compilation released in October on SOLAR ONE MUSIC.
– One remix on the last ALEK STARK‘s E.P entitled « Lights in the Horizon » released a couple of days ago in November on LAST KNOWN TRAJECTORY

ALEK STARK – Lights in the horizon remixed by JAUZAS THE SHINING

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New release on INNOVATIVE LEISURE : The LAZER SWORD eponymous debut album

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San Francisco based duo LAZER SWORD (members are Lando Kal & Low Limit) delivers with the self-titled LP « Lazer Sword » (Innovative Leisure) a brilliant album fusing anything from rap, electro, dubstep and grime together to form a new kind of musical experience.
“Lazer Sword” also has very good collaborations like on “Topflites”, a powerful hip hop track worn by heavy basses and the incisive flow of M SAYYID (Antipop Consortium / Airborn Audio).
The fifteen tracks of “Lazer Sword” offer a journey punctuated by the sound of future music, an original and varied selection marked by heavy basses and sharp melodies which have all to make “Lazer Sword” one of the releases of the year.



Taken from the album “Lazer Sword” released on Innovative Leisure – 2010

More on the LASER SWORD website

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