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New release on SHAMELESS TOADY : « PEERS – Volume 1 » Compilation

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The SHAMELESS TOADY label run by PIP WILLIAMS comes forth with sublime compilation called “PEERS – Volume 1”. This one features some greatest underground electro producers like 214, R21, REPLICANTE NORMAN, ROBERT COSMIC, KOOVA and many other talents. The smart selection of tracks influences in a way a deep cosmic breathing to chill out. Thus, the compilation sounds hybrid through its ambient vibe occasioned by a great diversity of music (namely some : idm, electro, ambient, electro bass…) SHAMELESS TOADY proves again that it’s always possible to have a lateral thinking to produce electro and to keep the musicality on the high level. Recommended!

[Release Date the 03-28-2011 – Digital]


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New releases on LKT : « Solar LifeStyle » EP by AS 1 & « Irresistible » EP by THE EXALTICS

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AS1 - LAST KNOWN TRAJECTORY - Solar Life Style - vinyl - dark electro bass

LAST KNOWN TRAJECTORY focused on dark electro continues its great series for vinyl collectors. Currently, this label has just released two new E.P with some finest underground electro producers AS1 & THE EXALTICS. Thus each one released their 2nd imprint via this German record label :

The “Solar LifeStyle” E.P features a dope selection of tracks from some AS1 digital albums released on his own label : Transient Force (Namely : My Galaxy is yours, Identity Singularity, Hyperventilation). So each tracks are yet known but it’s nice to see those honored by a vinyl release.

AS1Speaker Sex

The “Irresistible” E.P features some dark beats according to THE EXALTICS apocalyptic vision. Althought there ain’t no doubt : if some aliens with bad intentions would visit our planet, they will probably pick up this E.P as the O.S.T. of their road movie…

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[Release date : 03-20-11 – Vinyl]


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New release on NUTE RECORDS : IKEABOY « The Ikeaboy Long Player » Album

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The underground Ireland based producer IKEABOY has released a very interesting album entitled « The Ikeaboy Long Player » via Nute Records . IKEABOY blends wide range of bass music : Techno, Acid, Electro, Dubstep… Well produced, that album represents an open mindedness overstepping the limit to be understand just by one type of music lovers. So, this producer worthes all your attention.Recommended

IKEABOY – 1 : Arpanon

IKEABOYLick Tungsten

[Release Date 02-22-11 – Digital – CD]


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The brilliant producer DYNAMIK BASS SYSTEM has just launched a new Electro Label called ROBOTMACHINE RECORDS.

The first release is a mysterious side project entitled HELIOPAUSE. This prototype is a collaboration between the Techno Bass producers AUX 88 [Detroit] and the Electro Funk producer DYNAMIK BASS SYSTEM [Germany]! Both have already a solid reputation in their own music genre and probably anybody will be confuse by this release titled “Destination Planet Earth”. This E.P is based on a Sci-Fi concept including 4 classic Electro-Techno along with a great artwork. The result of the colloboration between DBS & AUX 88 is a very interesting exchange. The sound is well produced and catchy, all that make easier the trip into that strange future world. So, this first heavy release will be successful on the robotic dancefloor. Recommended!

HELIOPAUSEDestination Planet EarthEP Preview [Cover by FLORIAN RENNER]
TRACKLIST : Departure – Destination Planet Earth – Forward – Subtransmission

[Release Date : 03-13-11 Digital & Vinyl]



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New Release on NAPALM ENEMA RECORDS : ALIENSEXTOY « Metalloid Freakz II » Album

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Currently, the french producer ALIENSEXTOY is back with a new concept album. This one is the legacy of his METALLOID FREAKZ E.P released in 2009 on the same underground label : Napalm Enema Records. The « Metalloid Freakz I » introduced the idea of a near dark future with repressive laws and this second part evolves a theory of dirty & erotic revolution against the New Order. if you are accustomed to the Cyberpunk culture, you will be happy to find back all its brillant thoughts on this great album.

If you are not… it’s maybe because the Electro music are more often inspired by the Sci-Fi than the Cyberpunk… Where is the difference? That’s really simple, the Sci-fi is to be surpised front of a deadly futuristic phenomen while the Cyberpunk presents an alternative activity to survive after any apocalyps. If you follow my point, the 1st way, it’s about to be afraid by the post-future, cry on past and just have a fight ambition on the moment. The 2nd way is about to live independently and to keep fighting even that you know you could not win. Thus, the Cyberpunk movement has got a dark aesthetic but in fact it can pretend to be more optimistic than the Sci-Fi…

To be concise, in a puritan and capitalist world, LOVE stays a free action to make a kind of revolution. The « Metalloid Freakz II » album relates a fiction of payback from some resistance fighters who break the rules to have a back to basic : to sex, to breathe, to life… So, this project produced by ALIENSEXTOY is an hybrid experimentation featuring some ambient melodies, some electro Detroit influences along with some sexual or political requests. The result is wonderful and also ugly like the human needs…
Please give all your attention to this hopeful METALLOID FREAKZ II album. Hotly recommended!

ALIENSEXTOYNorth Point Rendez-Vous

[Release Date 02-08-11 – Digital]


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