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I remember 7 months ago, some great ex-team-mates very drunk during their own fancy exhibition said while laughing about me “…So Still using aerosols on the walls!?”.
They claimed “On our next wall, we’ll come with the jackhammer and we’ll destroy the surface. The-aerosol-cans-are-DEAD!” (Amen)
Although they joked about the graffiti culture, our friends, me, and about…themself, in a way, I like their punky concept but….Despite I really like to break the rules too, sometimes things, concept are like they have to be in order keep a minimum sense.. To not kill their funny mood, I answered in my mind “If you take off all the water out of the pool, don’t be surprised by crashing your face on the floor when you ‘ll plunge into”. I Hope everyone understands my point of view…

So, finaly an other anonymous graffiti writer made a smart compromise (and became the precursor), Keep your eyes opened, it’s shining:

VHILS - Graffiti writer - Street artist

Scratching the Surface
By ALEXANDRE FERATO aka VHILS Portugal – 2009
[Camera/Edition : Pedro Patrocinio]

More on VHILS website

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