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NRSB-11 - Commodified - album - WEME Records - Techno-Electro - Cold Wave - High-Tech - Experimental - Gerald Donald - Penelope - Sherard Ingram NRSB-11Shadow Corp

NRSB-11 - Commodified album - vinyl - Electro

Taken from the masterpiece « Commodified » album released on WéMè records – 2013

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Dark Perfection Part_18

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Taken from the “NRSB-11” 12″ released a couple of days ago on WéMé Records – 2012

CHECK the full DARK PERFECTION series >>

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New self-release by SCAPE ONE : «11:11:11» Album

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The title looks like an anecdote during those black days, but who knows may be some related creations will study in the future… The «11:11:11» album proceeds the concept release of a potencial trilogy begun by SCAPE ONE last year with the «10:10:10» album. Forget these details, we think this great (& timeless) release worth more attention.
First, SCAPE ONE is one of those rare electro oldtimers to be so prolific since his debut (3 releases in november). If you don’t already checked, lately he has uploaded his entire catalogue on the digital & independant website BANDCAMP (here). About the «11:11:11» album, it sounds as a typical SCAPE ONE’s electronic vibes. Indeed, SCAPE ONE produced some abstract synthetic forms without image or related interpretation, just a pure bleeping along with a lot of feelings coming from his great skillfulness on 88-key. So no more words his music speaks for itself, switch on these selected tracks…this album would escort your thougths. Probably the best SCAPE ONE’s release of this year. Recommended!

SCAPE ONEFirst Order Logic

SCAPE ONEThought They Did

SCAPE ONEThe Unseen Companion

[Release Date the 11-11-11 at 11:11 – Digital]


More on the SCAPE ONE website

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