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Heavy BASS & Acid SYNTH!

Taken from the great E.P called “Radioacid Box”
released on Tudor Beats in october 2010

More information on the Tudor Beats website

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TYPHONIC : « Take it Off ! » – Video Clip

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BANG, BANG! Groovy & catchy Ghetto Techo tune!
TYPHONIC [Australia]Take it Off

Taken from the “Gotta Work” E.P on Databass – 2009

More on the TYPHONIC Soundcloud page

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Square One

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Between UK Ghetto Bass and Future Garage i don’t know it’s hard to describe…amazing one:
MOSCA [UK]Square One VIP

Taken from the great “Night Slugs Allstars Volume 1” compilation on Night Slugs – 2010

More on the MOSCA Soundcloud page

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DOPPLEREFFEKT – LIVE Video [10/10/10]

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A correct quality of video taken from the intergalactic scientists show :
DOPPLEREFFEKT in Paris – The 10/10/10
For the “Record Makers 10th Anniversary” [At Point Ephemère]

More on the DREXCIYA RESEARCH LAB website

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New release on Transient Force : AS1 « MIND OF METAL » Album

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Between all the Electro releases during the storm at the end of 2010, this U.F.O is worth more attention. If you have already listened to the “Mind of Metal” album, you are still under addiction… If you haven’t, you are missing something seriously heavy :

AS1 - MIND OF METAL - album - Transient Force - Miami - Electro bass - Electro - Hi-tek AS1Save it for another

AS1 is a workaholic : music producer, graphic designer and also the brain of the prolific electro label : TRANSIENT FORCE.
In 2009, Under the alias AS1, Arnold Steiner [Miami] has produced & dealt 4 albums in the whole year. During 2010, He has released only 1 album (“Code Reference”) and 1 E.P. Not enough for a workman isn’t it?
Bang, Bang… at the end of 2010, AS1 releases his new album entitled “Mind of Metal” including … 33 tracks for a pure dose of electronics music! This project is simply blow your mind and with such a quantity & a quality of tracks it needs to be listened again and again to get all the effects.
Well produced as usual, It could be estimated like the great continuity of backgrounds built along of his discography.
The AS1’s style is a great diversity of sounds : tracks with heavy bass, fast beats with a melancholic melody, deep electro with low bass, dark beat, trippy electro, experimental electronics, freaky remixes…All these ways can explain the overdose of tracks. AS1 is definitely prolific & he is living in its time & beyond… He seems to be a rare artist to keep a kind of groove over the bass and he has a finest taste in that brand production. Thanks to this album, AS1 has reconfirmed again his talent. No doubt, currently he is on the top 3 electro producers. After that, we don’t know what will be the next level for this artist but please give all your attention to his heavy “Mind of Metal” album… Highly Recommended!

AS 1 Payed the price (Clip)

AS 1Rough Times (Clip)

AS 1 Gravity Pull [Video directed by…AS1]

AS1 REMIX : Shameless – 2010 [original on the right – BRYAN FERRY]

More on the TRANSIENT FORCE Website

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