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The KRAFTWERK savoir faire

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No doubt, This band is still the main influence of the Electro movement !

Sometimes, it’s sad to see some producers just involved on the straight part of the music and lost the groovy part. These pioneers were definitely able to blend all that along with a brilliant concept :

Taken From the “Die Mensch-Maschine” on EMI Electrola & Kling Klang – 1978

More on the KRAFTWERK website

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New release on Militant Science : PAUL BLACKFORD « Sub Mission » Album

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PAUL BLACKFORD is back with a new album released on his own label Militant Science. This project entitled “Sub Mission” features 12 pure Electro tracks.
Along to this album, like for recent Militant Science’s releases of GALAXIAN & SCAPE ONE, the sound is groovy and also trippy ! This hybrid touch can be explain by the deep impact of the RAVE MUSIC that is always a good influence in England over the years. For real, The combo of DETROIT Techno and UK Rave is a digger music and it’s still fresh!

PAUL BLACKFORDDestroy the Mothership
“Defeat your opponents by blasting them to death with ultra low sub bass”

[Release date 12-31-2011 – Digital]

More on the MILITANT SCIENCE Website

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Favorites ELECTRO Tracks of 2010

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This post is focused only on few memorable Electro Bass tracks produced in 2010. [However in my mind, i have got also many tracks of IDM, Future Garage, Trip Hop, Glitch, Ambient, Hip Hop, Gehtto bass, Grime, Dubstep…]
Nothing official, This is a simply subjective track list that gives me some good times this year… Hope you will like it, Have a good trip :

1 AS1The Lost Forever
Taken from the ” Code Reference ” album on Solar One Music

Taken from the ” At Night ” E.P on Le Galassie Di Seyfert

Taken from the ” Synthetic Cells ” E.P on NewFlesh Records

4 ADJHarvest
[Taken from the ” Hand of Mysteries ” album on Outside Recordings]

5 SCAPE ONEGlobal Surveyor Remix
Taken from the ” Global Surveyor – Remixes ” Compilation on Dominance Records

Taken from the “Submersible Machines” 12″ on Lunar Disko Records

7 BORIS DIVIDERLast Resistance
Taken from the ” Last Resistance ” 12″ on Drivecom

8 HADAMARDOne Track Mind
Taken from the ” Love Songs ” Album on Transient Force

9 R21Atomic Break Down
Taken from the ” One Nation Under Bass Vol 2 ” E.P on Devine Disorder Records

10 KOMARKEN ELECTRONICSBreed for Perfection
Taken from the ” Breed for Perfection ” E.P” on Bandcamp

& 11 to 30 : CLICK TO


Lookout week-end Part 23

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Back in the Days with THE UNKNOWN DJ…
DJ UNKNOWN - 808 beats cover electro music - 1984 THE UNKNOWN DJ808 Beats

UNKNOWN DJ - The 808 Beats Eight Hundred And Eight Beats - Techno Hop Records - electro - 1984

Taken from the “808 Beats (Eight Hundred And Eight Beats)” 12″ on his own label Techno Hop Records – 1984

Check the full LOOKOUT WEEKEND series >>

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Our Favorite classic one from this band :
ELECKTROIDSMidnight drive

Taken from the masterpiece “Elektroworld” album released on Warp Records – 1995
(Including “Japanese Elecktronics”, “Future tone”, “Silicon Valley” & many awesome tracks…& a dope cover too!)

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