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DJ BONE in full Effect

Posted by on 04/12/2012 | Category : Detroit Techno / Stay informed by subscribing to RSS Feeds or to Twitter

Let him take the control of your mind…even if you don’t he’ll :
DJ BONE - Detroit Tehcno producer DJ BONEWe Control the Beat

Taken from the great “Subjugation” 12″ released on Subject Detroit – 2008

More on the DJ BONE website

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The 2nd “BIONIC PODCAST” mixed by PIP WILLIAMS is available :

We are delighted to present our second podcast mixed by one of the most interesting new electro producer called PIP WILLIAMS. This London based activist is an open minded person who has not fear to try new ways on his production. When you listen his own tracks, between the bass, you can hear some influences coming from different kind of music that bring back something more fresh than ever. The “BIONIC PODCAST 02” represents this open mindedness mixing a free variety of good sounds thinking with a real coherence. The tracklist features some unreleased and two exclusive tracks produced by PIP WILLIAMS (including the “Man V.S Machine”). So, robots, are you ready to be degreased by the UK sounds?

Take time to listen & Have a great time :

BIONIC PODCAST #02 By PIP WILLIAMS [SHAMELESS TOADY] – March 2011 [64 Min] Cover KAWSE_3000 [Photographies : N.A.S.A]

To be informed of the 3rd ‘BIONIC PODCAST’ (Free), you can :
Follow the updates on the BackToBionic ‘MIXCLOUD’ Here
The 3rd PODCAST will be produced by another DJ working from another Lab.

// if you like it then :



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Often enough the hotels are some boring & impersonal places along with a depressive decoration. Some unknowns have independently decided to change the mood of “their” rooms by drawing on some hidden surfaces where the cleaning service doesn’t think to watch (on a wall under a frame / a mirror, on the floor under a bed, under a chair,… )
Thus the insomniac activist spends his night to create an ignorant art or to mediate front to his old graffiti if he has rent the same room. Before leaving, the unknown puts back in place every components to keep it secret. So the painting will be seen (or completed) only by a wondering mind :

More pictures on the SECRET WALL TATTOOS website

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That kind of track represents the powerful of Electro Music :
THE ADVENT Light Years Away

Taken from the “Light Years Away” 2 x 12″ released on Electrix Records 2003

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Graffiti – Writing Focus Part 05 : ROID [Bristol]

Posted by on 10/29/2010 | Category : // Visual Art / Stay informed by subscribing to RSS Feeds or to Twitter

ROID is a talented graffiti writer from UK [Bristol] who is definetly inspired by the Sci-fi aesthetics and who likes the post future music. ROID is come with a new aproach in the graffiti game mixing a cosmic environment, some retro graphic designs and simple letters (like those one on the trains). All that are highlighted by a smart using of the fluo colors. In fact, It’s a Back to the future graffiti like FUTURA 2000 had intoduced in its time.
Currently, many graffiti activists copy his style but they don’t know which deep alternative cultures are hidden behind his production.
Welcome in the asteROID galaxy :

Walls by by ROID [UK – Heavy Artillery & Msk] 2008 – 2010

More productions on the ROID FlickR page


CHECK the full WRITING FOCUS series >>

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