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FAT Track by DVS NME

Posted by on 11/11/2011 | Category : Electro / Stay informed by subscribing to RSS Feeds or to Twitter

A great cocktail of dark sounds and 808 bass :

DVS NMEXenology

Taken from the “Xenology” E.P Released a couple of weeks ago on Mars Frequency – 2011

More on the MARS FREQUENCY website

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New release on SHAMELESS TOADY : « PEERS – Volume 1 » Compilation

Posted by on 03/28/2011 | Category : Album-EP Reviews / Stay informed by subscribing to RSS Feeds or to Twitter

The SHAMELESS TOADY label run by PIP WILLIAMS comes forth with sublime compilation called “PEERS – Volume 1”. This one features some greatest underground electro producers like 214, R21, REPLICANTE NORMAN, ROBERT COSMIC, KOOVA and many other talents. The smart selection of tracks influences in a way a deep cosmic breathing to chill out. Thus, the compilation sounds hybrid through its ambient vibe occasioned by a great diversity of music (namely some : idm, electro, ambient, electro bass…) SHAMELESS TOADY proves again that it’s always possible to have a lateral thinking to produce electro and to keep the musicality on the high level. Recommended!

[Release Date the 03-28-2011 – Digital]


More on the SHAMELESS TOADY Website

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