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New release on SHAMELESS TOADY : FLECK ESC « Transmission » EP

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After two albums in three months, the talented producer FLECK ESC continues his successful introduction in the electro movement with a new E.P released on Shameless Toady . This one titled “Transmission” features three tracks including the awesome “Leaking Safe”.
Well produced & futuristic, those tracks contain a rich environment of electronic sounds that stimulate a computer daydreaming. So, if you would to visit the brain of a virtual program, you should be enjoyed by FLECK ESC production, Recommended!


[Released 04-25-11 – Digital]


More on the Shameless Toady website

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Dark Perfection Part_9

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FLECK ESCBodymelts

Taken from the FLECK E.S.C new album called “Electro Space Cookie” released on Binalog Productions a couple of days ago. – 2011


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