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Graffiti – Writing Focus Part 06 : PRO 176 [Paris]

Posted by on 11/30/2010 | Category : // Visual Art / Stay informed by subscribing to RSS Feeds or to Twitter

From Paris, PRO 176 is a pure graffiti writer artist. PRO designs some galactic environments and some futuristic letters inspired by the old Comics (in particular Jack Kurbi), the Sci Fi movies, the Astro Hip-Hop (Kool Keith, Cannibal Ox) and the 80’s Graffiti… He starts to the basics of graffiti writing to found his own touch keeping the purist approach and he is universally recognized for that. PRO 176 is bangin’ on the wall with his teams : the Ultra Boys [Belgium], the Grim Team [Paris] and recently with the Return to Zero [ Berlin]. PRO is also a rapper under his full nickname “PROFECY” and he is the back up singer for the legendary ASSASSIN band on tour since a couple of years.

Welcome in a full color nebula near to the planet Tatooine. Have a nice trip :

Walls by PRO [FR – Ultra Boys – Return to Zero – Grim Team] 2008 – 2010

A Lyrical Version of his art :
Taken from the Galactik album released on Livin Astro – 2009
[An album recommended to the graffiti writers who love the Sci-fi, the dirty south music and the drug…]

More Pictures on New PRO 176 website


CHECK the full WRITING FOCUS series >>

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FAT Track by GOSUB

Posted by on 11/09/2010 | Category : Electro Funk / Rap - Funk / Stay informed by subscribing to RSS Feeds or to Twitter

GOSUBNext To Me !
GOSUB - The Future Is Enslaved EP -Point-onne recordings - Electro Bass - Miami Bass

Taken from “The Future Is Enslaved” EP released on Point.One Recordings – 2003

More on the GOSUB Web page

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Do you remember the future? V.2.0

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Yeah Earth, the new version [2.0] of the blog is online!

We hope you will like it. This second version features many new categories and options…better optimized than the first one. That isn’t a radical because we wanted to maintained all the good old stuffs and ways from the previous skin.
We are sure you are going to discover the newness by surfing as you go. Therefore we wish you a nice trip into the BACK TO BIONIC’s spaceship!

EXZAKT [US]Futureshock – 2007

BACK TO BIONIC Do You remember the future?
The Blog of Digital & Electro culture : Music, Art, Way of Life & Beyond…

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Mix Collector : GOSUB

Posted by on 09/15/2010 | Category : Variety of Bass music / Stay informed by subscribing to RSS Feeds or to Twitter

GOSUB [Isophlux Records – Miami] has produced a sweet intergalactic mix. This jam is perfect for chillin’! GOSUB travels through different such style such as House, Hip-hop, electro along with the indescribable GOSUB’s ambient touch boosted by 3-4 tracks taken from his own electro bass production. Listen this unpreventable mix & Enjoy :

GOSUB [Miami]Mixtape 61 made for LUCKY ME Blog [Uk] – 2010
[40 min]

More on the GOSUB website & on The LUCKY ME blog
Check the full MIX COLLECTOR series >>

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