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Through the clouds
SKREAM! [UK]Summer Dreams
[Trumpet : MARTIN SHAW]

SKREAM - SKREAM! - cover album - Tempa - Garage - Dubstep - Drum'n'bass- Grime - UK Bass

Taken from the classic « Skream! » (CD) album released on Tempa – 2006

More on the SKREAM website

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Swim for your life…

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TICK TICK TICK… That’s the sound of your life running out ! JAWS - horror film - Steven Spielberg - 1975 - first victim soundtrack
DJ X-CHANGE [313]Jaws
[Cover of the main track produced by JOHN WILLIAMS for STEVEN SPIELBERG’s horror movie entitled JAWS – 1975]

DJ X-CHANGE - What Up Detroit - EP - Databass Online - Ghetto-Tek - Ghetto-Bass - Juke

Taken from the “What Up Detroit” E.P released on Databass – 2009

More on the DJ X-CHANGE website

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Dope Cover : « Bioroid »

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For having held this SILICON SCALLY‘s vinyl, I can say this cover created by DESIGN PRIMITIVE is awesome. I easily spent half an hour to watch all the items (Click on the pix for a bigger size). This graphic design with few color and no gradation representing alright the 00’s vectorial design made via the software ‘Illustrator’. Create an identity for Electronic music is not a easy thing, most of the time the picture is a simple & static photography or a caricatural icon slowing down a kind of personal escapism. Therefore the covers are often under the powerful level of abstraction of the music. Actually, the process of creation of this cover album entitled ‘Bioroid‘ seems pretty close to the concept of robotic music. Indeed, we can see these infinite loops repeated building an hybrid & cold framework.


« Bioroid » album released on Satamile Records – 2007

No information found about the graphic designer named DESIGN PRIMITIVE

CHECK the full DOPE COVER series >>

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New self-release by DVS NME : « Metastasis » Album

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The dark electrohead DVS NME has just self-released his 2nd album entitled “Metastasis” via Bandcamp website. This new project is clearly more introspective and therefore more sentimental than his last EP. DVS NME designs a kind of robotic spleen with great shades of grey. His productions keep a minimalist & purist vision of electro in the legacy of KRAFTWERK along with this cold & dark ambient reminding the JOHN CARPENTER’s touch. The “Metastasis” album contains 11 tracks with a constant relevance (a special mention for 2 mind blowing tracks : ‘Solitary’ & ‘Disappeared’). This mysterious project is actually the best DVS NME album. Recommended!

DVSNME [Colorado]Metastasis Album – Preview

[Release Date 05-14-12 – CD – Limited edition]

More on the DVS NME website

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FAT Track by DVS NME

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A great cocktail of dark sounds and 808 bass :

DVS NMEXenology

Taken from the “Xenology” E.P Released a couple of weeks ago on Mars Frequency – 2011

More on the MARS FREQUENCY website

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