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The silver package label focused on dark electro continues his release series with two new vinyls produced by GALAXIAN and THE EXALTICS.

GALAXIAN makes his vinyl debut for Last Known Trajectory with an E.P entitled “The Repent”. Both tracks are taken from the excellent digital album with the same title released last year on Transient Force.

GALAXIANThe Repent (Clip)

The EXALTICS vinyl entitled “We are not your friends… (Annihilate the Planet)” features 2 remixes of “The Hunch” that is a track taken from the first EP for this young label. The first remix is a raw acid version by THE EXALTICS & the second is a powerful version by HADAMARD

THE EXALTICSThe Hunch (The Exaltics’ Annihilate The Planet)
Remixed by THE EXALTICS (Clip)

[Both released the 09-16-11 – Vinyl – Limited edition]



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New releases on LKT : « Solar LifeStyle » EP by AS 1 & « Irresistible » EP by THE EXALTICS

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AS1 - LAST KNOWN TRAJECTORY - Solar Life Style - vinyl - dark electro bass

LAST KNOWN TRAJECTORY focused on dark electro continues its great series for vinyl collectors. Currently, this label has just released two new E.P with some finest underground electro producers AS1 & THE EXALTICS. Thus each one released their 2nd imprint via this German record label :

The “Solar LifeStyle” E.P features a dope selection of tracks from some AS1 digital albums released on his own label : Transient Force (Namely : My Galaxy is yours, Identity Singularity, Hyperventilation). So each tracks are yet known but it’s nice to see those honored by a vinyl release.

AS1Speaker Sex

The “Irresistible” E.P features some dark beats according to THE EXALTICS apocalyptic vision. Althought there ain’t no doubt : if some aliens with bad intentions would visit our planet, they will probably pick up this E.P as the O.S.T. of their road movie…

< /br>

[Release date : 03-20-11 – Vinyl]


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New Release on DRIVECOM : BORIS DIVIDER « The Last Resistance » E.P

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BORIS DIVIDER - The Last Resistance - EP - DRIVECOM - Madrid - electro

The New BORIS DIVIDER has been released a couple of weeks ago on his own label DRIVECOM. « THE LAST RESISTANCE » vinyl introduces 3 solid tracks featuring also the psychological “Let you Down” discovered last year via the official video clip [Here]. As his usual the BORIS DIVIDER’s signature is dark electro bass however there is definitely a more minimal appraoch in his new productions. BORIS DIVIDER is too committed to use the easy aesthetic part of SCI-FI. His way of expression keeps a true sense…so dark and close to an apocalyptic reality more familiar to the the CYBERPUNK movement. Let’s the conclusion to the music :

BORIS DIVIDERThe Last Resistance

“THE LAST RESISTANCE is the message for an apocalyptic and critical moment, not only due to the economical worldwide situation, or even more focused into this new music industry stage where some labels like Drivecom still resist and believe in only vinyl productions as the exclusivity of the djs and collectors… It’s all about to have some hope about the future.”
Quote by BORIS DIVIDER – 2010

[Release Date : 07-12-2010 – 12″ & Digital]

More on the BORIS DIVIDER Website

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WRITERS – 20 ans de Graff à Paris

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WRITERS is the documentary about the history of graffiti in PARIS during 1983 to 2003. It’s like a frenchy STYLE WARS with a focus on the oldschool and also on the newschool activists. This summary of 20 years is very interesting to understand the evolution of the movement : the happiness of the discovery to a hardcore battle. Inspired by New York, connected with England and Germany, PARIS is known to have created the basement of 90’s European style. Like a Bible, this documentary explains the classic legacy of graffiti. The documentary is written by a disciple with a non-objective point of view however he has really honored the lovers of letters and that’s the most important. If it’s always necessary to start a culture by respecting the foundation…later it’s better to commit a sin : to break the rules and write the future! But Sometimes it’s good to trust again in the utopia of the purist version :

Watch or Re-watch on youtube [Part1] :
On this version, there is no translate, but don’t worry the pictures speak for the activists [Excepted BANDO who is better writer than thinker…]

Director : OREL [GT] // Animations : LOKISS // Speaker : VINCENT CASSEL // Produced by RESITANCE FILMS – 2 GOOD // Film Released in 2004 // Time : 90 min
Featured : a lot of graffiti writers, purists, oldtimers, vandals, activists, rappers, lovers, thinkers, haters…


More on the RESITANCE FILMS website

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