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NRSB-11 - Commodified - album - WEME Records - Techno-Electro - Cold Wave - High-Tech - Experimental - Gerald Donald - Penelope - Sherard Ingram NRSB-11Shadow Corp

NRSB-11 - Commodified album - vinyl - Electro

Taken from the masterpiece « Commodified » album released on WéMè records – 2013

More on the WEME website

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New release on ANTIZER0 : DEPUTY-78 [aka HEADNOAKS] « A-Zone Telemetry » album

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Hell yeah! The producer that I’ve always seen as the craziest in electronic music is back on Antizer0 label with a new album entitled « A-Zone Telemetry ». Best known by the underground scene for his prolific work under his moniker HEADNOAKS, DEPUTY-78 is a very unique artist disturbing all the stereotypes about the too academic ElectroTechno productions coming from Germany. A new project signed by that fella is always a surprise, indeed DEPUTY-78 is one of those rare producers to explore each time some new unsecured areas with a real futuristic approach. In a way, his productions can be judged as not really well-structured musically; however it seems that “missing” part give him a more deep experimental production with no boundaries. I mean DEPUTY-78 takes more risks in his music than the most kind of established musicians. So, the new DEPUTY-78’s advanced album « A-Zone Telemetry » is a post-dystopia creation in its finest abstract form, full of tensions provided by the Hi-Tek sounds along with some reminiscence of DUB music captivating your thoughts. That U.F.O worth all the attention of the audience who take cares to the no non-sense music. Highly Recommended!

DEPUTY-78Ahwww Shdz

DEPUTY-78U shoot 1 of my Soldierz


[Release Date 09-26-12 – Digital]


More on the ANTIZER0 website

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BLADE RUNNER - PRIS - NEXUS 6 N6FAB21416 - Basic pleasure model - Darryl Hannah- 1982 THE CLONE MACHINEClone Machine (Empire Mix)
CLONE MACHINE are EGYPTIAN LOVER + DEXTER + ALDEN TYRELL CLONE Records - Netherlands - Rotterdam electro label

Taken from the one time project “Clone Machine” 12″ released on Clone – 2008

Check the full X-RATED series >>



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…Back in 90’s with a great documentary to re-watch :

Director : DOMINIQUE DELUZE [FR] – Production : Les Films à Lou – La Sept/ARTE
// Film Released in 1995 // Time : 60 min
Featuring : a lot of underground producers & pioneers from Berlin, Detroit, London, … : KRAFTWERK – JUAN ATKINS – DERRICK MAY – KEVIN SAUNDERSON – BLAKE BLAXTER – MAD MIKE – SVEN VATH – LFO – AUTECHRE…

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DUB Perfection Part_01

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The 1st installment of a new category of post focused on hyptnotic DUB techno

Taken from the amazing SHINSUKE MATSUMOTO’s debut album entitled “Lantern” released on [AN] AY – 2011

More on the AN AY website


CHECK the full DUB PERFECTION series >>

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