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Don’t you hear him coming? That’s the Headless Horseman at full gallop!HEADLESS HORSEMAN - Techno producer - Unknown producer - Industrial Techno HEADLESS HORSEMAN [GE]Sleepy Hollow
HEADLESS HORSEMAN - Headless Horseman 001 - ep - Vinyl - Techno music

Taken from the great « Headless Horseman 001 » 12″ self-released – 2013

More on the HEADLESS HORSEMAN website

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New release on DIAMETRIC : OPTIC NERVE [aka KEITH TUCKER] « 3 Dimensional » EP

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OPTIC NERVE - 3 Dimesnional - ep - Diametric. - cover [Dj K1 alias Keith Tucker // AUX 88]

KEITH TUCKER aka Dj K-1 [Half of AUX 88 band] is back with his alter ego project : OPTIC NERVE. His new E.P titled “3 Dimensional” is out on Diametric records label. The vinyl features 3 deep techno tracks (along with 3 interludes and an acapella version) which are very well produced as usual from this producer. The sound is spacey and not so far of greatest tracks of the “Mad Scientist” album. We don’t know how KEITH TUCKER did but his music has a catchy & magic effect to make people forget any cold reality and to fall into a cosmic environment. Who could not appreciate this sweet hypnotism generated by the music? Recommended!

OPTIC NERVEVirtual-Depth-Perception (Vocal Mix)

OPTIC NERVEIllusionist-Theme

[Release Date 06-06-11 – Limited 12″ & Digital]


More on the DIAMETRIC website

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Mix Collector : MIKE DRED

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MIKE DRED [UK] produced a great mix called “1989 Acid Mixtape” (Originally recorded onto cassette). This set features some classics of Acid music that are always nice to rediscover. Step by step, the sound of the Roland TB-303 drops some really funky vibes. So, take time to listen and have a good time :
MIKE DRED“1989 Acid Mixtape” Re-released in 2011
[93 min] [Via Null Void & Spannered]

Check the full MIX COLLECTOR series >>

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AUX 88 – « Electro Slaves »

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Not the most original AUX 88’s tune, it sounds like DOPPLEREFFEKT featuring JUAN ATKINS, however that remains a pretty cool one : AUX 88Electro Slaves

TRANSIENT FORCE - LABEL - Electro - Electro Bass - Techno Bass - Miami Bass

Taken from the AUX 88 E.P entitled “Electro Slaves” – coming soon on Transient Force Records – 2010

More on the TRANSIENT FORCE Website

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