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New release on TUDOR BEATS : SOUNDEX PHONETIC « Self Construction » EP

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The prolific Glasgow-based producer SOUNDEX PHONETIC continues his route after releasing on underground electro labels such as Militant Science, Pomelo and Transient Force, here he’s with a new material on Tudor Beats. This 6-Track ep entitled « Self Construction » is a killer project, rather raw but really intense according to its accelerated beats straight up inspired by the Detroit productions. More sharp & better organized than his last albums, this EP distills some pure & trippy productions highlighting the SOUNDEX PHONETIC’s abilities. A special mention to the heavy tune titled ‘Cipher’ which is perfect for Hi-Tek dancefloors! …Recommended!


[Release Date 11-19-12 – Digital – CD]


More on the TUDOR BEATS website

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That kind of sound with heavy bass at the same times groovy and trippy is exactly what we love :

This track is taken from the great “Sub Mission” album [review here] released at the end of 2010 on the MILITANT SCIENCE label.
If you want more, now you can download this album on the Militant Science website where the full catalog are re-edited for free since the laboratory evolved to a free net label : Here

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New release on Militant Science : PAUL BLACKFORD « Sub Mission » Album

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PAUL BLACKFORD is back with a new album released on his own label Militant Science. This project entitled “Sub Mission” features 12 pure Electro tracks.
Along to this album, like for recent Militant Science’s releases of GALAXIAN & SCAPE ONE, the sound is groovy and also trippy ! This hybrid touch can be explain by the deep impact of the RAVE MUSIC that is always a good influence in England over the years. For real, The combo of DETROIT Techno and UK Rave is a digger music and it’s still fresh!

PAUL BLACKFORDDestroy the Mothership
“Defeat your opponents by blasting them to death with ultra low sub bass”

[Release date 12-31-2011 – Digital]

More on the MILITANT SCIENCE Website

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