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Most of Electro lovers are still angry about genres like Electro-Clash and Electro-House stealing the name & the sense of the original “ELECTRO”. To be honest, i haven’t got any problems with those illegitimate children, my only one regret about Electro music is its unofficial separation with its wife the Techno music.
I really missed the time when productions represented the hybrid combination called “ElectroTechno” (more relevant via the sounds than the denomination), the finest masterpieces were clearly produced & played during this period (1982-2002). Currently 80% of producers who did the 2 styles wouldn’t to be ranked in ‘Electro’ box and claimed only the greatly esteemed ‘Techno’ word & affiliation. Since the beginning of 00’s, according to my point of view, I feel like the Underground Electro scene doesn’t seem to get over this divorce and keep trying to survive in the shadow (repeating sometimes the same old formula while forgetting some of the main ingredients …therefore boring the devoted listeners). In addition, the new straight-electro-producers seem a bit close-minded, not very interested by any other type of music and especially not by their “ex-soulmate” the TECHNO which is still very rich in musicality. Therefore the “modern” Electro music is often poor & not universal…
However I’m not saying Electro music is dead, good exceptions make my day every day. But I’m pretty sure if Electro was still connected with Techno, ELECTRO/TECHNO will be on the front jiggling the floors & the minds. (To be realistic, this gathering isn’t going to happen again because Techno music lives well in its own way)
Anyway, I don’t really want to conclude on something negative or positive, I just wished to share my opinion

…and now let’s the music takes control with this masterpiece for remind the (unforgettable) powerful connection:

AUX 88Electro Techno

Taken from the classic “Electrotechno” 12″ released on Direct Beat – 1996


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New release on SHAMELESS TOADY : PIP WILLIAMS « Analog Sequences » EP

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With the release of his new E.P on his own label, PIP WILLIAMS is still pushing electro music in a really modern way. The surpising projet entitled “Analog Sequences” is focused on a more specific & moody sounds than his usual. Hard to get all it power at the first listen but really lovely & interesting after some listens. Pretty sure, these pure analogic tracks will find easily an ideal position into some tasty dj sets. Recommended!


PIP WILLIAMSPressure Point

[Release date 12-06-11 – 12″ & Digital]


More on the SHAMELESS TOADY Bandcamp page

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New release on NUTE RECORDS : IKEABOY « The Ikeaboy Long Player » Album

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The underground Ireland based producer IKEABOY has released a very interesting album entitled « The Ikeaboy Long Player » via Nute Records . IKEABOY blends wide range of bass music : Techno, Acid, Electro, Dubstep… Well produced, that album represents an open mindedness overstepping the limit to be understand just by one type of music lovers. So, this producer worthes all your attention.Recommended

IKEABOY – 1 : Arpanon

IKEABOYLick Tungsten

[Release Date 02-22-11 – Digital – CD]


More on NUTE RECORDS Website

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The first “BIONIC PODCAST” mixed by JON MERICK is available :

JON MERICK [Fr] is the Dj and co-creator of BACK TO BIONIC. This activist is really focus to up-coming sounds and searching for a modern approach to music. “BASS LEGACY” represents a staggering crossover between many kind of Bass music. The first sweet part is under the influence of Mental UK Bass for then evolved towards dirty Ghetto Bass (including some Electro Bass). Only 5% of the tracks are played like the original ones, so JON MERICK has managed the podcast in a real way. Hope you will be dig with it !

Take time to listen & Have a great time :

Cover KAWSE_3000 [Photographies : CITIZEN YO + N.A.S.A]

To be informed of the 2nd ‘BIONIC PODCAST’ (Free), you can :
Follow the up-dates on the Back To Bionic ‘MIXCLOUD’ Here
The 2nd PODCAST will be produced by another DJ working for another Lab.

// if you like it then :



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New release on SHAMELESS TOADY : « The First Replicators » EP

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PIP WILLIAMS & THE HIDDEN PERSUADER both from U.K have shared their knowledge on a project entitled “The First Replicators” and released via Shameless Toady. This new E.P features 4 nice electro tracks (including the amazing one titled “Uber Funk”). One more time with this new label, the producers explore some interesting ways with no repeat history. That’s appreciated because the new generation must to step forward and if it’s possible to break the rules even in a purist movement like electro. Recommended!


[Release Yesterday 02 07 2011 – Digital]

More on the SHAMELESS TOADY website