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Redesigned Humankind

Posted by on 07/27/2014 | Category : Electro / Stay informed by subscribing to RSS Feeds or to Twitter

METACOMPLEX - ABANDONED REALITY - Remastered-extanded album - Electro METACOMPLEX [HU]Redesigned Humankind


Taken from the great « Abandoned Reality (Extended-Remastered) » album self-released – 2014

01010100010001 More on the METACOMPLEX website

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Posted by on 06/21/2014 | Category : Electropop - Synthpop / Stay informed by subscribing to RSS Feeds or to Twitter

COMMODORE - PET - Personal Electronic Transactor - computer - 1997 COMPUTOR ROCKERSGreen Screen (DMX Krew Remix)

COMPUTOR ROCKERS - Green Screen EP - Breakin Records - Brk36 - Electro Funk - Synthwave - UK - DMX KREW

Taken from the « Green Screen » 12″ released on Breakin’ Records – 2002

More on the BREAKIN’ RECORDS website

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Posted by on 06/13/2014 | Category : Electro Funk / Rap - Funk / Stay informed by subscribing to RSS Feeds or to Twitter

…One Two Three Four : Captivating remix especially the progressive switch from 4min44 to the latest second :

CYBOTRON - Clear - Cobblestone-Jazz-Louderbach-Remixes - vinyl - JUNO RECORDS - 2007

Taken from the « Clear (Cobblestone Jazz & Louderbach Remixes) » 12″ released on Juno – 2007

Original version produced in 1983 by CYBOTRON Here

More on the COBBLESTONE JAZZ website

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Focus on AntiZer0

Posted by on 06/16/2012 | Category : Detroit Techno / Stay informed by subscribing to RSS Feeds or to Twitter

ANTIZERO is a crew founded in 2007 by two producers ALIENSEXTOY & X-BEAT ‘que se define como la banda non grata’. The multiple soldiers of this team are pretty nihilist & secretive, doing their own music in the shadow of any business.
As a ‘new’ generation, after studied & understood the deep basement created by pioneers from Detroit Electro music, ANTIZERO has created its own rules & a unique signature in order to add some new values to this underground music.
Indeed, the ANTIZERO crew has built a committed identity along with some no nonsense thoughts. In this way, there is no obsolete futuristic warning about hypothetical machines, aliens threats like you can usually observe into the classic Sci-Fi imagery & purist electronic music, here the productions are more close to the dark novels from Cyberpunk movement. It means they develop a modern vision on the world and therefore they are focused on the dynamics to survive & resist in an half-accomplished post-apocalypse era… our current time.

Their 1st track was a great installment to understand AntiZer0 concept :
ANTIZER0 [Point Zer0]Aktiv Mindz 2008

At the first time, ANTIZERO is a solid international crew of music producers releasing albums & EP on some friendly imprints like : Napalm Enema Records (Usa), Militant Science (Uk) and many others … recently they’ve decided to evolve officially as a label saving the same uncompromising way of their start. About their music, it could be described as a Dystopian production, unique, raw, dirty, with a process of free creation, a scream liberator, in regular research of something virtual / unknown… Listen the following tracks to make your own judgement and be sure these underrated guys are in the music to stay & to disturb any form of order, perfect we need them.

The most part of the following tracks are recently released on their label :

X-BEAT [Italy]Vita trà Sogno e Realtà 2012

DEPUTY-78 & MICROECHO [Germany/France]H-BBB01 2011

TWITCH DeMetaphysical [Usa]Timeline ANTIZER0 [Live] 2010

HEADNOAKS [Germany]B-78 Killer Weed 2011


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ANTHONY ROTHER : « Grid Stripper » Video clip

Posted by on 06/14/2012 | Category : Electropop - Synthpop / Stay informed by subscribing to RSS Feeds or to Twitter

Electro, Ambient, Minimal, Techno, ElectroPop …throughout all the type of music experimented, ANTHONY ROTHER has achieved success by maintaining this outstanding quality of production. Here’s his new attractive video clip :

The world was built on dreams. Please tell me, do we sleep?


Taken from the “Grid Stripper / Ape Machine” E.P upcoming the 06-2012 on Datapunk Records

More on the ANTHONY ROTHER website

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