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Dem Young Sconies !

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Moodymann - Kenny Dixon JR - Dem young sconies - Detroit House - Techno - Acid House MOODYMANN [313]Dem Young Sconies

MOODYMANN - Silentintroduction - album - vinyl - Planet-E -1997-deep- House Techno - Detroit House

Taken from the masterpiece « Silentintroduction » album released on Palnet-E – 1997

More on the MOODYMANN website

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MOODYMANN feat ANDRES : « Lyk U Used 2 » New Video Clip

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MOODYMANN - ANDRES - Lyk U Used 2 - video clip - 2014-Detroit Soul- Funk - Neo Soul

Kenneth Dixon Jr. - MOODYMANN - Album - 2014 - Soul - Funk - House  Music - Detroit - KDJ - Vinyl

Taken from the epic « Moodyman » album released a couple of months ago on KDJ – 2014

« Anytime i’ve got is your time »

More on the MAHOGHANI MUSIC website

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Mix Collector : TLR for the 20 years of BUNKER RECORDS

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DJ TLR [of Crème Organization] has produced a huge mix to celebrate the 20 years of BUNKER RECORDS, the underground electronic Netherlands based Label. Representing a kind of rebellion in the scene, BUNKER RECORDS is a label producing with no compromise, following the “Do it yourself” motto. This imprint is focused on the evil aspect of visual & music (Electro Acid Techno Industrial) giving them an infamous, dark and raw identity that they assume & feel as an experience to reach a kind of Freedom (BTW, it’s always good to read again the biography of this label via Discogs website in order to understand who they started, i mean that for those producers who are always crying about make money with music). The large BUNKER RECORDS’ catalog can be approach in such many ways therefore we are happy to see GUY TAVARES the grand poobah of the label commissioned this mix to the talented TLR, his selection is so fine! After 20 years of activism, of course they are totally deserved to be mentioned as an EPIC label. We guess it was/is not easy for them to survive day-by-day but for now don’t think about the future next years, just enjoy this moment, mad respect :

TLR [Netherlands]The Hague Is The Plague
Mix commissioned by BUNKER RECORDS for their 20th anniversary – 2012
[101 min]

More on the TLR soundclound page

Check the full MIX COLLECTOR series >>


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MOODY aka MOODYMANFreeki Mutha F*cker
MOODY - DET.RIOT 67 - cover vinyl - MOODYMANN - Detroit House

Taken from the “Det.riot ’67” 12″ released on KDJ – 2008

Check the full X-RATED series >>



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MOODYMANN « 9 Nites 2 Nowhere » Video Clip

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Fresh video clip by the craziest music producer from Detroit :
9 Nites 2 Nowhere

Taken from the new dope MOODYMANN’s album entitled “Picture this” released two weeks ago on Scion A/V – 2012

Download for FREE on the SCION A/V website

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