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What was her name? She’s in parties and she’s playin’ the game…
What Was Her Name ?
[Contains a sample of BAHAUS -‘She’s in Parties’ -1983]

Taken from the classic “Devil’s Advocate” 12″ released on Skint Records – 2004

Check the full X-RATED series >>

X [At 2:10]

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Do you remember the future? V.2.0

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Yeah Earth, the new version [2.0] of the blog is online!

We hope you will like it. This second version features many new categories and options…better optimized than the first one. That isn’t a radical because we wanted to maintained all the good old stuffs and ways from the previous skin.
We are sure you are going to discover the newness by surfing as you go. Therefore we wish you a nice trip into the BACK TO BIONIC’s spaceship!

EXZAKT [US]Futureshock – 2007

BACK TO BIONIC Do You remember the future?
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