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The new TRON LEGACY trailer can be seen almost everywhere now. I got a few words I need to share with you about this movie. If we’re talking strictly about the incredible motorcycles battles scene, I agree that the TRON LEGACY might better but this new wannabe remake revolution is a true insult to the original classic TRON (1982) and what this movie represented for the post future culture.
Maybe I’m wrong for judging before watching the actual movie but I can suggest 98 reasons to skip this sequel movie. I’m not closed-minded about the evolution concept and about remaining up-to-date but I just prefer the timeless truth. I’m truly deep into CYBERPUNK films and I just dont like when this culture is not well respected! Consequently, I can’t understand how a human can pretend to make a better remake than the original TRON… Was he listening to the BLACK EYES PISS while makin it? (Ouch… better that stronger it was during the unconvinced third album of DAFT PUNK’s ghosts producers who have also composed the film score…) And why the first producer STEVEN LISBERGER and some old actors even contributed? Money don’t redeem oneself. The first film had cost roughly 17 millions dollars.. and was supposed to stay a classic with its own toughts and a fresh old school flavor! The second movie has cost 330 millions!… And adults might not retain a lot about this one. (of course, it will be better than those 2009 shitty “V” serie remakes… Make-up remover, please! Just another original and genious creator who had hallucinated…)
The only positive way to remake TRON would be to watch the first edition with interactive 3D glasses (But finally it won’t be the first to release it in 3D… Might because CAMERON created the legacy effects…)
The second point is mostly to remind the kids which movie is the “bionic” mother of MATRIX. Some people said technology effect is better than ever: more clean, more dark, more realistic..

One of my point is the first TRON was made in 1980 (relased in 1982), the vectorial design came out like a real art evolution.
They did all those graphics with the basic tools of the past (again we were in 1980). The technology restriction created the style. (It was the first film with full digital scene.) In fact, I need to remind that the computer mouse was officially released in 1983 (with the first APPLE LISA)… Yes, they did all the effects whith scripts with the help of one ONLY the keyboard!!!! That’s a reason why the design was so geometrical, it really was a true performance. We need to pay hommage to the old (sadly) underestimate executive designers who contributed to the original TRON. All my respect goes to the creative designer, the real mast of SCI FI illustrators : SYD MEAD, MOEBIUS, PETER LOYD who created a poetic digital environment and an abstract aesthetic very different about the reality of impulsive 80′s life.
This thoughtfull scenario and this amazing film had a real sense in this time, those oldschool designs are still an inspiration for many artists today. Nowadays, we can see the 8 Bit and basic vector design reminiscing everywhere, it’s very nostalgic. We can also mention the last advancements in video games: it’s just becoming to real, we can hardly see the virtual aspect anymore. So, my question is: How this remake can pretend to represent the difference between those two environmentals since we can hardly distinguish the differences between the over-over retouching 00′s reality and the more realistic digital world?
Even worse, How a film release in 2010′s can pretend to warning us about the dangers of too computer intelligence and computer control when those machines are still in activity since 1983? (Date of the first popular computer and the access to internet)…
It’s seems too late, don’t they know that we’re attacked everyday by GOOGLE itself? Reboot, let’s just say that TRON LEGACY looks like a bad child with no future.

In fact, sad to say that but it seems like the SCI FI movies era is over, now their warnings about machine post-attacks have just become hasbeen! In 2010′s, the only interesting films discussing about post-future is “DYSTOPIA”. This approach is much more about remake someone life on the rest livable world after a major damage (nature / energy / technology / human…). So we can accept a MAD MAX 4 but we want films with new raw subject up to date…(considered by scientists and sociologues not like the puritan acknowledged AVATAR movie)
Please don’t touch and remake anymore to the SCI FI classics. Keep V, TRON, FANTOMAS! & co in theirs times…You can re watch the past but we had to make the present like the future will be.

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    THANK U !!! Great critic … Happpy 2 do not feel alone anymo’ !

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    speak english. this review is written as if you had your hand krazy glued together while you typed. The grammar is horrible and if you have a point to make it really makes it hard to understand and less valid. If I’m reading this correctly I think the point you’re trying to make (without seeing the movie) is that there should not be sequels. This is not an update to the original, it is a sequel. While its a cyberpunk classic it also was a Disney movie. Wake up buddy! see it for what it is: while iconic, it was always built for a continuation of the storyline. Why was Matrix so cool? 3 fookin movies! Star Wars? 6 movies! so why hating on the capitalization of a cool story line and why not continue the legacy for the next generation?

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    regardless, all i’m saying is put on the 3d glasses, watch the fookin movie and then criticize.

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    << "Fookin" I don't know this word!? My Grammar will be better if it was written in French. So the English language rules on the web, I have no choice.. Yes, I am a bad writer in english like 95% of the frenchies, so what! You haven't understood the full review, it's not just about this "sequel". The main point is : "the SCI FI movies era is over, now theirs warnings about machine post-attacks have just become hasbeen". We are not on youtube buddy, don't speak like that for nothing...or go to watch TERMINATOR-4 like you need, may be you will find some arguments on the dvd bonus! However we are glad you express yourself here. (Hope you will be paid by the companies for your point...) 

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    Yeah I have more hope for films like John Carter of Mars which should be proper retro fururism (please!) or the new Ridley Scott movies. I’m now delighted he’s not doing them as Alien prequels, new ideas bravo. It’s a sad fact the money men in Hollywood want safer bets and seem more likely to invest in proven concepts while treading on established legacies. I have Tron legacy on my HD (yes I did) for weeks and I’m reluctant to watch it to avoid dissapointment. Whatever happened to the Robotech movies?

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    Ikeaboy is right, Hollywood is in safe mode right now. The 80s was an era when risks and creative movies had a chance, not now sadly. Independent films like “Moon” or Swiss film “Cargo” are the only real hope for new thoughtful sci-fi.

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